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A Lesson In Manifesting: Lessons From The ...

Timothy Gay


On New Year's Day, the tradition of one of college football's most historic games was played. The Rose Bowl entered it's 100th game and brought two of the top teams in the nation. Stanford Cardinals and the Michigan State Spartans. Stanford had lost only 2 games, and won the PAC-12 Championship, with both loses coming in conference play. Michigan State had one loss against Notre Dame early in the season and had just finished pulling off the biggest upset over the then, #2 ranked Ohio State Buckeyes, in the Big 10 Championship game. Both teams were known for their specialties. Stanford was known for it's stellar offense that ran the field and scored lots of touchdowns. MSU was known for their defense, which came in #1 in the country this year in the NCAA. Every expert in the country picked Stanford to win the game handily by a blow-out score. It was going to be a great game either way. Normally, I'm a Michigan Wolverine fan, especially since my sister played volleyball there. However, they didn't play very well this year and got pounded in their bowl game, so I joined the Sparty band wagon (and I'm glad I did).

What showed up was not the Stanford's offense but Michigan State's defense. They held Stanford to only one offensive touchdown and made an amazing 4th down stop to ice the game in the final 2 minutes. In the end, MSU won the game 24-20 and pulled off a stunning upset over the heavily favored Cardinals. The game was amazing in itself and capped off a phenomenal season. But what grabbed me was what happened after the game.

When the sideline reporter interviewed the Spartan coach Mark D'Antonio, he asked him about a video his daughter made of him on the Rose Bowl field back in May of 2013. After the interview they showed the video of coach D'Antonio talking about his visit. In the video, he talked about how on January 1, 2014 that he would be at the Rose Bowl and it would be "our time," referring to the Spartan football team. I sat there with my jaw dropped and said out loud, "The Law of Attraction is real and he just proved it!"

It seems so silly that with all that happened and the intense and drama filled game that the biggest lesson came from after the game. That video stuck in my mind and when the replay came on a few days later, I watched the rebroadcast just to see that video. It stuck in my mind that much! It also taught me a couple of things.

1) Have Faith In The Journey

Early in the MSU season, they had some trouble with the offense, partly in the quarterback position. It actually lead to the loss at Notre Dame where the starting QB was pulled. Yet, they kept going and continued to work on their team principles. After the loss to Notre Dame, they never lost again. Game after game the won and their confidence rose with each victory. Eventually, when they got to the conference championship game, the pulled off the unthinkable by beating Ohio State. A game where every expert said they would lose because of the opposing high-powered offense (I'm noticing a pattern here). Then, they pulled off another upset over Stanford. After awhile, it wasn't just the skill that got them there. They had the faith. It was the belief that got them to win out and go the distance. I could add a link to Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" to drive the point home but I'll move on (irony sets in).

2) Make It a God-Sized Prayer

This actually came from a Joel Osteen talk. I was first introduced to this when I was taking one of my Theta Healing certifications. In the talk, Joel Osteen says that how big you pray will determine the life you get. If you only pray small prayers, you'll have a small life. However, if you pray God-sized prayers, doors will open that you wouldn't have imagined were there. So how does this relate to MSU's run? It started when Mark D'Antonio made a video on the Rose Bowl field in May 2013. In that video he manifested that on January 1, 2014, his team would be on the field playing at the Rose Bowl game and ultimately, whether it was intentional or not, he predicted that his team would win the game... and it all happened. THAT is a God-sized prayer. He didn't just ask to have a good team, he asked for the mother load and he got it. Then he did the work with his team (belief work), coached them up to play sound football and they went the distance, pulling off major upsets along the way. All that manifesting came from that one video and looking back on that is a great reflection of the power of big dreams and big aspirations. It's been said by many, "go big or go home." I know that's a belief but why not go big? If the worst you can do is win a Rose Bowl, go big! If you're thinking that's for athletes and you're not an athlete, you're missing the point. You may not win the Tournament of Roses but you can always get the equivalent in your own life. The fun thing is, you get to define it.

I looked at my own journey with Theta Healing. In the 10 months since being introduced to it, I've done so much with my life. I became a practitioner and created opportunities out of thin air. I created and executed an exit plan from my job . While it wasn't the exact way I wanted it to happen, I left. I then proceeded to have one of the best summers I ever had with my music. I created a space to practice Theta Healing that came from a random meeting at a networking event. I created two speaking engagements at the beginning of this year and will have more to come as the year goes on. I even created a goal list for myself, something I haven't done in years. I can't remember the last time I wrote a goal list! And of course, I've put in some God-sized prayers. I've done so much belief work that I've been able to manifest them and this is just the beginning. I can also tell you that if I can do it, anyone can. Those lessons above were exactly what got me to this point. I had to recommit to Theta Healing a lot. I had to learn to ask for what I wanted and to go big with my ask. I had to learn faith and trust and do lots of belief work along the way. In the end, I created something pretty good and now, I'm excited to wake up everyday and live my passions.  That football game was the greatest reflection tool for me in that moment.

Congratulations to the Michigan State Spartans on their 2014 Rose Bowl victory!

Have you ever prayed a God-sized prayer? What was the greatest thing you ever manifested/attracted into your life? How do you use the Law of Attraction for yourself? Please leave me your comments below. For the sports fans, please don't use this as a trash talking platform. I don't want to have to start deleting comments.


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