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ThetaHealing Certifications! A New Chapter

Timothy Gay

Image Game of Life, Basic DNA and Advanced DNA certifications

Last week, I traveled to Chicago to take another certification in my ThetaHealing journey and it was a beautiful trip. I took a course called "Game of Life" which deals with using Theta in business. Of course, as you may have guessed, it isn't just about business as those beliefs deal with the person in general. The course was led by a wonderful man named Sean Campbell, who made a wonderful video about his journey in ThetaHealing (I would encourage you to stop reading and watch it now). The course was phenomenal! We cleared so many beliefs and opened so many new pathways. It was amazing to say the least. At most, I couldn't describe what it felt like. It was just phenomenal! To receive a certification from a teacher like Sean was a true blessing.

As you can tell by above, I now have three certifications. One for Game of Life and the Basic and Advanced DNA, which allows me to be a practitioner. Today was equally special as I received an email that I am now listed on the THInK website as a certified practitioner! It was a great gift and I'm glad it happened. The trip was well worth it and the additional tools I can use to help people are amazing. I look forward to working with people in that area and help them take the next step in their professional development.

For more info, check out the Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge's (THInK) at


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