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Attitude; Mastering My Own Voice

Timothy Gay


"Attitude is everything," they say.  We've heard it for the majority of our lives. Attitude is defined via (one of my favorite websites) as:
1. manner, disposition, feeling, position, etc. with regard to a person or thing; tendency or orientation, especially of the mind: a negative attitude; group attitudes
2. position or posture of the body appropriate to or expressive of an action, emotion, etc.: a threatening attitude; a relaxed attitude

Over the past month or so, I've had a transition with my own attitude that lead to a number of open doors and multiple realizations. People had made comments about it before and while I listened to them, I didn't really take it to heart. It wasn't until I sat down with my manager at work for development talks that I had an open-heart moment, so to speak. I allowed myself to be vulnerable and I had a shift within me. I went home and thought about the things she said and really sat on them for awhile. That message got reinforced when I was reading a personal growth book. At that moment, I made a decision that I wanted to change. I accepted that I had a bad attitude and that it was infecting my life and affecting the people around me. I then made a choice that I MUST change and it needs to be consistent daily.

Experiencing The Shift

My next work day, I was working with a person I didn't particularly care for but we were working on a project together that had to get done. I remembered that commitment I made to myself and put it to action in that moment and it ended up, we worked very well together that day. Ever since then, I've approached work with a different attitude that has made it easier on my morale. It's also shown up in other areas in my life and made me realize how much my attitude has effected everything.

Mastering My Own Voice

Learning to kick the ego to the curb is a major process but like everything else, it's one step at a time. It took me being consistent and recommitting myself everyday to keep a certain mindset at work and outside of it. I also had to have a good support system that will not only be my cheerleaders but will help me stay on track by keeping me accountable. I also learned a few key and valuable skills along the way. I learned to be more patient, as everything is not instantaneous. It will take time and work but the results are worth it. I learned and still learning, organization. One of the key things I want to improve upon and it has gotten better. Since this is a major project, I know this will take much longer but it has been getting better. I learned how to stay present in the moment. With my spiritual journey, this principle has eluded me for awhile and it didn't make any sense. It wasn't until I cleared out some space in my own spirit that I began to really assimilate this principle. I also learned the principal of "as if NOW" or simply, urgency. A personal growth author, Tom Terwilliger, who wrote the book "7 Rules of Achievement" introduced this with his talk on 'ACTION goals'. I learned that if I don't act on something when it's fresh in my head, it tends to fade away. If you have a sense of urgency, you tend to get more done in the time that you have than most. Most importantly, I learned that I have a choice. I have a choice in how I choose to feel, react, communicate, spend my time with, etc. I don't have to allow anything into my life that I don't want in there or want to experience.

Attitude truly is everything. My own experience and the experiences of others have truly taught me that. Do I falter with my attitude at times? Absolutely. I am human after all (I promise). Like with everything, you pick yourself up and recommit right there. Not the next day, right in that moment. Acknowledge that you stumbled and let it go. It's not worth dwelling on it. Once you have an attitude change, other things will come forward to address them. With the new attitude, you can face the next hurdle with the tools you learned from your previous experience.

"You don't need to change the world; You need to change yourself." - don Miguel Ruiz

How has your attitude effected your life? Have you ever gone through a realization that you needed to change your attitude? What happened after you changed it? Feel free to leave comments below.


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