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Preparation Is Key

Timothy Gay

So last night was a VERY interesting night. Being a working musician and naturally a music enthusiast, I'm always checking out other musicians to gain ideas and to network. Last night, I went to meet a few friends to check out a band I've never seen even though they've been playing around the Detroit music scene for a few years now. They're a high energy funk band that puts on a great show. They went very heavy and had no breaks between songs except for one. It was enjoyable to see and hear and even meet one of the members that I had only been friends with on facebook up until then.

After that, I went to a jazz club to visit a friend who's band was playing. I've enjoyed seeing this band a number of times and was looking forward to it, however, when I walked in... there was no band playing! From my understanding, there was a mix-up of the schedule. When one of the waitresses noticed that I had my saxophone on me, she asked if I was a band member and that they were looking for a band. I usually carry my horn on me because this person is nice enough to let me sit in every now and then. This particular night, they just needed help. The manager was able to get a hold of one of their regulars and we put together an impromptu band for the night... and it was phenomenal!

When I woke up this morning, I began to reflect on that experience and I thought about how much fun I had but also why I "got lucky" to play.

Be Prepared

You never know when opportunities are going to present themselves. What the average person doesn't understand is that opportunities are abundant and you're approached with many opportunities a day. Most people, however, are so focused on other things, they don't even noticed. In my case, I already had a plan in mind to sit in with another group so I brought my horn with me. It just so happens there was a vacancy and help was needed so I offered. I didn't get lucky with this opportunity, I was prepared for it. Yes, I did have my horn at "random" but even then, the opportunity presented itself so I ran with it. Opportunities will interrupt you at any moment so it's very important to be prepared for them. I posted that picture above because I feel that's a perfect representation of how everything went.

How has your preparation helped you in your life to achieve what you want? Has an opportunity dropped in your lap that you were prepared for? I'd love to hear feedback.


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