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Meditation with Sister Sunshine - Fourth & ...

Jessica Sunshine Klein
1-4-11 On a day in the new year, falling on the day of a new moon, let us celebrate and support change.  I am happy to share with you my lesson plans for the new series...

Six Weeks of Meditation with Sunshine #1
Six week workshop designed for the introduction and integration of meditation.
Learn chanting, breathing techniques, and meditation practices.
Come one - Come all. Love all - Serve all.
Hari OM Mantra
Mantras work with scared sound syllables that represent energetic aspects of the Divine. The “Ha” originates in the abdomen, “Ri” rises into the throat region, and “OM” brings the sound to the crown of the head for a skull shining effect. Repetition of this mantra brings the sound and energy up. A universal mantra that removes suffering.

What is Yoga?
Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra 1.2: Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodha -Yoga calms the mind-stuff. Yoga is a complete & harmonious development of the Self. Yoga - goal of union or to yoke; Chitta - individual mind; Vritti - whirlpool of changing thoughts and labels we create for all things; Nirodha - restraint or changing direction of the mind.

Yoga is based on 8 limbs
1. Yama = abstinence                                     5. Pratyahara = sensory withdrawal
2. Niyama = observance                                6. Dharana = concentration
3. Asana = posture                                        7. Dhyana = meditation
4. Pranayama = breath control                       8. Samadhi = Self-realization

“The eight limbs seamlessly integrate selfless service, active participation in life with introspection and contemplation. This exquisite balance is designed to encourage self knowledge, expand and transform consciousness, and culminate in Self-realization.” - Guruji Reverend Jaganath Carrera

What is Meditation?
Bringing the mind to a state that is peaceful, clear, one-pointed. It is a state of being completely present and the realization of unity. Meditation is a deepened vision blending the individual consciousness with the Divine consciousness. It is the art of staying in this present moment with unwavering awareness.

Take a dog playing fetch for example. The dog has complete awareness and unwavering attention for the ball. He cannot take his eyes off of it, which is one-pointed, meditation. Or, maybe you are a gardener and while tending to the garden, the one-pointed concentration of nurturance is meditation.

1. Sound 2. Breath 3. Visualization 4. Introspection.
Choose any object for concentration as long as it is uplifting and you like it.

Distracting Thoughts
Ignore or analyze. Let the thoughts float by like clouds in the sky. Once you noticed that the mind has wandered, just let go of the distracting thoughts and return to the object of meditation. The point is this: don’t give the distracting thought energy by giving it attention. The thought will slip away when it sees how focused you are on the object of meditation. Never force the mind in meditation, we don’t become something great over night. The brain is a muscle that we must train in order to master.

Deergha Swaasam - three part breath - The basis of all Pranayama - breath or life-force control or regulation. Begin with normal breathing. Tune into the natural flow and rhythm. Take five deep, slow, and even breaths through the nose. Inhale four counts, exhale four counts. Breathe into the abdomen, exhale fully pulling the navel to spine. Inhale into the abdomen and the ribs Exhale the ribs and the abdomen. Inhale into the abdomen, the ribs, and the chest. Fully exhale the chest, the ribs, and the abdomen. Continue with the three part breath for several rounds. End with normal breathing. Observe. Mind is calm.

Breath - explanation and practice. The breath is the link between the mind and body. Our breathing is a reflection of our state of mind. With slow and even breathing we have a calm and focused mind. Resume the Pranayama technique of the three part breath. Watch the inhalation and exhalation of every breath from its very beginning to the end. Just simply follow the flow of the breath in and out of the body. Youcan add an affirmation to this practice if you like. With every exhalation, feel that you are exhaling a trait or habit that you wish to eliminate. As you inhale, feel that you are inhaling the opposite trait. For example, exhale fear, inhale faith. If your mind becomes very still, the breathing will almost stop. Keep calmly observing, nothing harmful is happening. When the body and mind are very still, we need very little energy to operate. When the mind resumes its usual activities or when the body needs to breathe, the breath will resume its usual movements.

The goal of everyone is to be happy: to find unshakable peace and joy within, and universal harmony without. Venture on a journey to Self with breath and love as your guides. We are what we seek. Uncover the joy and purity within, seated at the core of every being. Become peaceful, clear, and one-pointed through meditation. Simplify life and enjoy all nature’s wonders. Meditation is for everyone.

Chitra Jessica Sunshine Klein has completed her Meditation Teacher Training with Sri Guruji Reverend Jaganath Carrera and The Yoga Life Society. She has also completed her Yoga Teacher Training with Starseed Yoga and Wellness of Montclair, NJ. Love is appreciating all things and beings for their natural glory. There is beauty in all of us. Sunshine wishes to empower and guide other love beings to find
peace and joy, love and light.


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