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Natural Therpaies for Low Back Pain

Sharon Leake

Microsoft PowerPoint - Presentation1 If you're suffering from back pain and want to avoid drugs or surgery, there are effective alternative treatments available that can give you relief and help you enjoy an active life.

  • Exercise releases pressure on your discs and can help increase diffusion of nutrients and oxygen to promote intervertebral and arthrodial health. Strengthening your muscles and maintaining a healthy weight will also help alleviate spinal load. Tai chi is a great choice for someone who is just beginning an exercise regimen.

  • Yoga & Pilates are great at alleviating back pain. The combination of strengthening and lengthening of the core, hamstrings, iliopsoas, gluteal, paravertebral muscles and so on.. helps to keep your back and body in good balance.

  • Meditation can help with reducing the sensation of pain and relax muscles that may be overly tense due to stress. Stress and pain are intimately connected. Two popular forms of meditation are Transcendental (repeating a mantra) and Mindfulness (focusing on thoughts and sensations). Meditation can reduce anxiety and stress, which in turn increases pain tolerance and allows you to work therapeutically towards your pain relief goals.

  • Massage is an excellent form of therapy to ease tight muscles, increase range of motion and reduce joint stiffness. A skilled therapist can provide substantial back pain relief if they target the right muscles. Massage increases circulation to tight or overworked muscles, increasing the nutrition intake and healing. The reduction in tension that massage delivers will help ensure a more restful nights sleep, which is also essential for recovery. Massage increases the release of endorphins which can ease anxiety and depression, decrease pain and aid in recovery.

  • Acupuncture is helpful if you have muscle spasms, nerve-related pain and has even proven beneficial in managing osteoarthritis pain. The needles used are very-fine and most people feel a tingling sensation. It's definitely worth a shot!

  • Decompression or Tractioning can be very beneficial if you have a bulging or herniated intervertebral disc, sciatic pain, degenerative disc disease, stable spondylolisthesis, or functional scoliosis. Decompressing the intervertebral disc allows nutrients and oxygen to reenter, thus promoting the body's innate healing capacity and allowing disc resorption. The intervertebral disc and associated ligamentous structures receive their nutrients though diffusion, as they lack a direct blood supply. The disc requires glucose for survival. It also requires O2 for cellular activity and produces lactic acid at high rates, which must be removed in the reverse manner at which the glucose and O2 diffused into the annulus and nucleus. Staying mobile while decompressing your spine enhances the diffusion of nutrients and oxygen into the disc and the diffusion of wastes out of the disc. The VerteCore Lift offers affordable, mobile decompression that can help put you on the road to recovery and relief, while reaping the benefits of staying active. lift123

  • Hydration ... The intervertebral discs are about 80% water at birth. Keeping the body well hydrated and a healthy diet is important for overall health, especially your back. Staying hydrated allows nutrients to protect your joints and remove waste.

  • Avoid Cigarettes &  Excessive Alcohol for your back's health. There is evidence that smoking damages the vascular structures that the discs and joints receive their nutrients and oxygen from. Spondylosis and low back pain have been associated with smoking in one study. Alcohol is a depressant, which contributes to depressed feelings and chronic pain. Ongoing depression and pain are intimately related, one can worsen the effects of the other. Alcohol can also contribute to weight gain, which is also unhealthy for your back.


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