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The Shamanic Juice Fast

Matthew Toussaint
Why shamanism and juice fasting?  Both juice fasting and shamanism are complete practices and experiences in their own right, harboring many holistic health benefits.  When you bring these two worlds together, there is synergistic experience that enhances the potential for real, lasting change.

We start with shamanism.  Shamanism can be understood as a practice of consciousness.  More specifically, it is a practice that guides you through different states of consciousness, typically with a specific intent in mind -- to heal, learn, transform, gain insight or knowledge, interact with the spirit world, receive guidance, and so forth.  In general, shamanic practices have included a variety of methods that help to change your state of consciousness.  This movement of consciousness is described as a shift into an altered state (also known as trance ).  The methods of inducing altered states are as diverse as ecstatic dancing, guided visualizations or journeys, drumming, ingesting psychoactive substances, long periods of solitude, sensory deprivation, dreaming practices... and fasting.  Each of these produces a unique kind of experience, but common among all of these methods is that the associated state of awareness is conducive to shamanic practice. It makes practicing shamanism, in one sense, much easier because in trance you are more naturally attuned to the spiritual energies that are engaged and explored in shamanism.  These trance states can be like putting 3D glasses on in the movie theater.  It helps you experience the shamanic world, and the world of spirit with less resistance and in a way that has meaning for you.

Enter juice fasting.  There are tremendous benefits and positive health improvements that can come from juice fasting.  Regular fasting is something that is in fact a normal part of ancient human experience.  Pre-grocery stores and modern  facilities, food was something that had to be worked for directly.  In environments where seasonal and climactic changes affected the amount of food available, often there was no choice for people but to fast for periods.  The idea here is that fasting is natural and actually good for the body.  It can also be really good for the mind, emotions and spirit.  The mind plays an enormous role in relationship to food.  Taking some time off from your regular dietary patterns allows you to relax, reconnect, reevaluate, and rejuvenate your mental -- and emotional -- landscape.  You may be surprised how deep this can go!

Juice fasting is also an excellent practice as it helps the body remove excess waste.  You are consuming healthy vegetables and fruits for a few days, not eating any solid matter, and giving your internal digestive system a well-deserved break.  It's like an oil change for the car.  A spa day for the intestines.  A time for rest, relaxation and renewal.

Much, much more can be said of both shamanism and juice fasting, but I will say additionally that juice fasting, especially fasts that last over 24 hours, naturally produces an altered state of consciousness.  This is a perfect platform to begin shamanic practice.  You are already moving into trance.  You are already experiencing a break in your normal routines and affairs.  And you are already moving into a more receptive and open place.  Incorporating shamanism harnesses this expanded awareness, guiding and directing the overall experience to deepen the cleansing, deepen the transformation, and intensify the movement of change within you.  It's like kicking a ball that is already rolling.  The juice fast creates momentum that shamanism can organically unite with, producing a synergy that leads to deeper levels of awareness, healing, cleansing, insight, and transformation.  The end result is a perfect way to bring health, harmony and transformation to your life via a method of trance and shamanic experience that supports your evolution.

For more information on the upcoming Shamanic Juice Fast, click here to visit the events page .

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