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Shamanic Sessions at The Centre

Matthew Toussaint
Announcing regular shamanic sessions at The Centre -- a holistic healing space in Pasadena CA.  A vailable by appointment throughout the week and weekend, days and evenings. A wonderful way to experience shamanism in a peaceful, supportive space.

Shamanic work is focused on healing -- spiritual, physical, emotional and psychological -- but this work is also focused on and geared towards personal growth and transformation. This is an offering and opening of space to invite change into your life.

Relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect with your heart and spirit.

Sessions include a consultation, personally created ceremony, and shamanic journeying. Each session usually lasts between 60-90 minutes.  Suggested donation is $55. Contact or email me to schedule a session.

I will also be taking part in regular healing clinics at The Centre -- the first is scheduled this Monday, January 18 from 10am to 3pm. Follow this link for more details .


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