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Train Your Mind to Change Your Brain

David Schouela

In the last 20 years, neuro-scientists have made a remarkable discovery – the adult brain has neuro-plasticity, which means that it has the ability to change its structure and function to our experiences and thoughts. We are literally what we think. This discovery shatters the previously held deterministic view of a fixed program unfolding in the brain set at birth by our genetic inheritance.

The implication of this important discovery is that my own well being and happiness is within my control and that it is based on the choices I make and how I respond to the events unfolding in my life. It puts the responsibility of the kind of human being I choose to be squarely in my lap.

I highly recommend reading Wall Street Journal science writer, Sharon Begley’s book entitled Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain , a fascinating account on how cutting edge science and the ancient wisdom of Buddhism have come together to show how we all have the power to literally change our brains by changing our minds.


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