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Stacy Hill

Happy Imbolc!

Imbolc, also known as Candlemas is a time for welcoming in the light!  I will not go into all the different ways to celebrate and all religious names and meanings of this day, but I will go into mine!!   Winter has now coming to a close.  We welcome the light back with open arms.  And you know its just that, welcoming the light back.  We went through the winter, a lot of us went through changes, some tremendous and some not so bad.  We have released those things that no longer serve us, well hopefully we have, and now we are ready for new beginnings!  YES today is about new beginnings!  We welcome the LIGHT back into our lives and look forward to our new year.  We have released the past year, come out of the darkness and are now ready to embrace all our new opportunities coming our way. Newness yes.

So take a moment and think on this for a minute.  This is a new beginning, rebirth..what are you giving birth do now?  What energy are you going to set forth for this year?  This is now the time to set and think on this.  We have spent our time in our wombs and now we are birthed into the light.  We can experience newness in our lives.  We have healed and nurtured ourselves through the darkness (winter months), receiving guidance and visions that helped us and now is time come forth and present our new selves to the world.

Welcome Light!  Hail Brigit!


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