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Stacy Hill

This morning as I sat with Mother Earth, the energy is still.  We had a nice rain last night, I could feel it cleansing her.  Washing some of the chaotic energy off of her allowing her to relax and be at peace for a moment.  This energy makes you want to go curl up in her womb, bundle up and get cozy..seeking comfort and warmness.  Emotional connection.  Wanting us to take a moment and have an emotional connection.  Learn to hear her heart beat...beat with her..breath with her.  Allow her essence and love to fill your body inch by inch.  As it fills your body, set it free through your heart chakra..give that nurturing, love, calmness, stillness...peace to the rest of the souls on Earth!  Allowing her to channel that love essence through you is one of the most powerful things I can imagine.  I am snuggled in..receiving all the juicy-ness of HER!

Tantric Blessings


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