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So This Is Christmas.......2013

Shawn Cohen

"So this is Christmas...and what have you done? Another year older, and a new one just begun ..." John and Yoko Ono Lennon.

I really wanted to put up on this blog entry for December's, Shelter From the Storm , something cheery and bright and filled with hope. But this song, John and Yoko's song from way back, when the Vietnam War was raging in the 1970's, kept playing in my head. I could not get it out and it seemed to me my Muse , my own inner Writer was asking me, above anything else. to write about this and the meaning behind it. So I looked for a video and this was the first one to come up on You Tube. It is pretty shocking, eh? I mean we here in the West, celebrate the Holidays, December 2013, in our cosy little world and then we see what in fact is  really going on in many other parts of the world, way, far away from us! No, it is not pretty, and it is so crazy that we are STILL fighting, STILL killing, maiming and harming others on this blue and green planet we all share called EARTH!

Ok, I had my rant. I said my piece=PEACE! Those who even bother to read this blog are probably well aware that each action we do, creates a reaction...that is called Karma. But should someone who has never put 1+1=2 together than here is the formula and I quote,"Do Unto Others as you would have them do Unto You"!

There is no preaching here, nor is there any religious overtones because I can not do either. But there is a right and a moral wrong. What is wrong with this picture is obvious...the people who suffer while the War Machines rage are the innocent children and their families! Big Business creates War and it's reward is Profit! There are no other reasons and if you send your own grown up child to fight, and you agree with this killing of others, then you are not only part of the problem, you are ignorant of the truth! Brainwashed the West is to believe in the concept of "Enemy". Enemy is as the noted and esteemed Psychologist Carl G. Jung observed is our own "shadow side; the part of us we threw away and called "other"! Now look at this for a moment...who really IS the enemy? Is it a person who believes differently then you? Why are you SO frightened by this?? Did it ever dawn on you that God/Source created US ALL? And if that is so, as each religion believes, then WHO is the "Enemy"????????  Not only is the whole concept of "Enemy" made up nonsense but even within learned psychological associations, let alone spiritual ones, you would be shown only a hand mirror! The "enemy is truly within"!

Shadow Work is essential for wholeness and clarity and psychological well being. This is the "gift" of going within and dealing with the unconscious and all it's depth and reservoir of memory, images and even past life issues. No one can do this for you, only you. But you have to be aware that this is the journey all souls must finally travail and if so, the rewards are beyond any "Gold or Silver" this planet can give you. This is the true wealth, the true inner gifts of the soul. Being with a Guide, a Psychologist, a Shaman, A Past Life Regressionist, A Wise Person or yes, even a Psychic Medium ,who has traveled here extensively can offer help and guidance while on this inner journey. Much can be gained and while it is not "fashionable" or " spoken about in most circles" it is the very best gift you can give to yourself. There is none that would top this...not a new car, a new wardrobe or even a new puppy! THIS is the Gift that never stops giving and when you leave this planet through death, you take THIS gift with you!

Your Soul came here to had a choice . It could have stayed in Heaven (or the Spirit World as it is also referred to) and it set up, long before it incarnated, the many points of how it would come in ( i.e: parents, siblings, race, religion, social-economic background, what sex it would be, sexual preference, work and career choices, gifts to work with in this lifetime, gifts to explore and develop, relationships on every level and so on) the SOUL says: "Let me experience life AGAIN, this time I will make my focus on: __________________!  (Fill in the blank)   So this says that YOU are in charge of your life, you choose it, you created it and you were the designer of it. Yes, you had help, your many Soul Group friends and your own Guides/ Masters who help you, offer advice and then off you go to become someone's baby again! We are all on this planet together, for the same reasons; ultimately to experience, to gain knowledge and become wise and grow. THAT is the ONLY reason to come back. So when we harm others, we become accountable for that. No matter what. There are no "get out" clauses...sorry, but no Celestial Lawyer is going to get you out of jail card "free"! Only YOU judge YOU when you pass over and have your "Life Review". A Guide will be there to help you, or a Master of some kind who has been there and understands. Now when you see, hear and feel every detail of the "harm and pain" your actions created...and you will...what shall you say to yourself? "I did not know any better?" If this blog can serve any purpose at all, consider yourself now "knowing better"!

I have channeled many souls from the Spirit World. This is what I do. This is also my work and my calling. I do not pretend to be better then anyone else nor can I tolerate that kind of egoistic/insecure behavior in anyone else. We are each an individual spark of the whole and we are each necessary and bright and beautiful. In all of the history of the Human Race on Planet Earth there has never been a time that war has not been here. Did you ever ask yourself "Why?" Maybe it is time we ALL did.

This then brings me to the famous quote of the great Peace Maker , John Lennon, who said, "What if they had a war and no one came!"  It was just these words that brought the close of the Vietnam War to an end. People woke up, power to the people, people said, "Hell No, We Won't Go!"...." War is Over if you Want it." The question is for 2014 and all the years ahead...Do You?

"Let's hope it's a good one, without any fear"! Amen to that!

I know it is the Holidays and then a New Year (2014) begins. I want to share my gifts and help as many people as I can.  I  invite you to please join me on Sunday, December 22nd at 2:30 p.m. EST or 11:30 a.m or here in the UK 7:30 p.m. at Blog Talk Radio's "The Right Side of Things" where Rick Fiorio, the host has asked me, once again, to come on  his live show and give Christmas Readings and Messages from Loved Ones in Spirit for the entire show! There will also be some beautiful music which I have hand picked for the occasion. You can call in for FREE on SKYPE! It is one NOT TO MISS so won't you please join me for this Holiday Extravaganza? The link is here:

We did this show last year at Christmas and it was a huge hit, with me reading and bringing through lots of messages for callers from their loved ones in Heaven. So please call in as soon as the show starts and we will try to get to each one of you and also come into the chat room. You can chat with others and also join the chat room by opening up a free listener's account for Blog Talk Radio here:

Thank you for reading my blog, for being a client or student of mine in the year past or all the years before! I am truly grateful! I have met so many wonderful souls on my own journey through this life and I will add many of them are aware, kind, so beautiful. Thank you for allowing me to share your journey too!
And for all the Human Race, may I say, let us bring knowledge, wisdom and joy to all this year, not just the "chosen few". Let us remember who we really are and what we came here to do; to love and be loved, to share our gifts with all and to alleviate any human suffering we see. This is the formula for bringing peace on earth. It is so simple, really...Be a Blessing to Others and Be Blessed!

(c) Shawn M. Cohen, December 2013 "Shelter From The Storm", December entry, "So This is Christmas..."

Fair usage rights for John and Yoko Lennon's song, "Happy X-mas (War is Over)" and the video from You  No copyright infringement is intended.

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