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WHO ARE YOU? By Shawn M. Cohen

Shawn Cohen


There is a question.... a question which lingers whispers in the wind...sometimes it shouts as loud as Rodger Daltry singing in this song.......... WHO ARE YOU?

It is the soul crying out, it is the un-trodden path, it is the question of all questions...

It wakes you up in the middle of the night from a dream. A wild dream, a scary dream, maybe a surreal dream and you sit up in bed, shaking, sweating, maybe even frightened. "What could have brought on such a dream?" you ask yourself, trying to make your eyes work in the dark.

You figure it was the late night snack and go back to sleep.  But it comes again, another night, when you had no snack, saw no horror movie on TV  nor read something disturbing in a book before bed.

Now you think it is time to listen but your favourite show is on, maybe later...oh look, my friend has just come on Facebook, maybe later's time to make dinner, go to work, do the laundry.....

Then days go by, maybe even weeks and months and finally years. It is a vacuous hole which seeks to be filled, aching inside you but you have no idea what it wants nor how to fill it. It feels so empty in there. Sometimes, when the mood hits you, you can pretend it isn't there at all. In fact, sometimes, chocolate takes it right away, or booze or a joint or maybe even those prescription pills the doctor so kindly gives you. That shopping spree did wonders for it too. So busy were you trying on all those clothes and new shoes, lovingly scanning that new I Phone, you have no idea how you can pay for all you bought but that's what credit cards are for....right? Existential angst vanished with plastic!

"The kids are alright, the husband got a promotion, my mother is out of hospital but doing well now, why do I need to worry about anything else?" you quietly tell yourself as you drink another glass of merlot. "Christmas is coming, I need to prepare for that now anyway." That thought is like the death nail to the least until the New Year. You tell yourself, you tell yourself, you keep on telling yourself, year after year, time after time until the time begins to run out.

30 Years Later:

The kids are grown up, your husband has passed from a major heart attack, cracking that nut every day for years on end....but you still have your grandchildren to look forward tell yourself.... YOU are not on your own. REALLY?

The grandchildren come and the old hippie you  once were decides to take them to a Beach Boys concerts. You feel young again, you laugh and think about when you first saw the Beach Boys, it was the summer of 1969, you must have been 14 years old. You remember hitch hiking to the concert with your girlfriends, so daring you were then. You grimace to yourself, and think, "WHAT were we thinking back then!" But you reason, everyone was doing that then. Back to the grandkids... they love it, they adore the harmonies even though Brian Wilson looks so old, not to mention the  deer caught in the headlights look during the entire show. You shrug your shoulders and say to yourself..."whatever". You sing along to "wouldn't it be nice if we were married..." clapping away.

The grandkids grow up to be teenagers....they watch the Olympics live on TV and you are all together now. THE WHO come on and they sing "WHO ARE YOU?" They ask about if you ever went to a WHO concert? They like the song, "My Generation"...

You listen to the words of the song, "WHO ARE YOU? I REALLY WANT TO KNOW..." as Rodger Daltry swings that mike around on every breath. The song...the words...the dreams.. the angst comes back...the hole in your belly feels emptier still and you ask yourself, finally...the question of all questions right there in front of the grandkids, "WHO AM I? REALLY?"

I am a mother, I was a wife, I am a grandmother, I was a student once, a young daring teen once, I cook meals, I do laundry and clean my home, I do charity work at the Church, but I have NO FREAKING IDEA WHO I AM! AND I AM NEARLY 60 YEARS OLD!

The sweat pours down your brow. You panic. You see that you have been there in a "ROLE" as one person or another but YOU as a PERSON have NO IDENTITY. Surely, you calm yourself, surely I am a GOOD person, isn't that all that counts? But if that was all, then why did this question constantly haunt me? The dreams were also so weird, waking up from them and then ignoring them. WHY was I so afraid to find out? Why did I run away from myself? Without all the added extras, who am I? Was I just put here on this earth to be these people to others? Mother, Wife, Grandmother? Shopper, Supporter of my family? Cook? Cleaner? Do I not have more to me than this inside ?

Now begins the greatest journey you will ever take...the journey within. It is never too late but it would have been so different if you did this when you were younger. The Authentic Self demands truth and bravery but its rewards are so deeply fulfilling, if you go. Fill the hole within, find out the truth. There are so many ways to go within: meditation, psychotherapy, divination, holistic healing, psychic development, past life regression, hypnotherapy, each a path to wholeness and a gazillion books to read which stimulate and help you to seek the greatest question any human being can begin to answer: WHO ARE YOU?

"The unexamined life is not worth living." a quote by Carl Gustav Jung

By, Shawn M. Cohen (c) Nov. 12, 2013 my website:
THE WHO video and song used as fair usage and no copyright infringement is intended.

I will be a guest on Wed. Nov. 13th on Blog Talk Radio, "The Nature of Reality" hosted by Andrew Fisher. The show begins at 6:00PM EST, 3:00PM PCT, and 11:00PM UK time. I will be speaking about the journey within, my psychic work and how I help people answer these questions and taking listeners calls, even offering readings so please join me. Here is the link: Nature of Reality Radio hosted by Andrew Fisher with Guest Psychic Medium Shawn M. Cohen


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