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LOVE IS IN THE AIR, By Shawn ...

Shawn Cohen

Love Is In The Air, by John Paul Young, here singing as a Guardian Angel to the couple in the movie, "Strictly Ballroom".

What we all want is a sweeping, epic romance that makes for a beautiful and life long happy ending....admit it. But how does one get that and is it even truly possible? These are some of the issues I want to raise here in my Metaphysical Blog, "Shelter From The Storm" .
The thing is, first it is important to understand what is LOVE?
You may think you know it, it seems obvious, right?? But you would be surprised how many people live in the "illusion of love" !
Just like in John Paul Young's hit song from 1978, reused here in the 1990 film...his lyrics are; " And I don't know if you're illusion, I don't know if I see true but you're something that I must believe in and you are there when I reach out for you. I don't know if I'm being foolish, I don't know if I am being wise, but it is something I must believe in and its there when I look in your eyes."

So how do we know when LOVE is real and not an illusion? Learn to distinguish this and you are on the road to Mastery. Fail this and you will suffer all your days looking for "love" in all the wrong places! It can be the single most heartbreaking stumbling block to any hope of joy, happiness and feeling loved OR it can be the most profound spiritual, sacred lesson along the road to Enlightenment and Mastery! Yes, believe it, there is a path to love, a school of love, a relationships Mastery Course and most of the entire world population is on it but they have NO IDEA that they are! Nor how to navigate it, let alone GRADUATE from it!

Let's start at the very beginning. What is LOVE? A feeling? Yes, that is true. Can it be something else, like a concept? Yes, for many it is. My idea of love may not be the same as your idea...ah, that is we may see where the problems will lie. How do we get a concept of love? Go right back to your birth and your entry into your own Mother's arms. Was she there for you, meaning was she looking forward to your arrival or were you just another "mouth to feed"? Were you held and loved and cared for with joy and deep bonding or was she on the phone talking to someone else when she fed you, annoyed that she had to? Miserable about the changes in her body? Unhappy with her partner, possibly your father?? Did she get support when she needed it or was she literally "left to deal with it all herself" and no help, care, support for her while she was trying to care for you. Did she enjoy the daily discovery of you or was she burnt out, angry and resentful of the burden of you and your needs while hers were left "unfulfilled"? Can you see how we all might have a different idea or concept of what LOVE is or what it is SUPPOSE TO BE?? Now, let's go deeper and even further your SOUL. Because in Metaphysics, we believe in the choices of incarnation. We are not forced to reincarnate, we choose and in this FREE WILL allows us all to choose our parents, what sex we will be, what race, socio-economic background, our siblings and even whether we will be straight or gay or bi-sexual and our location. The Astrological Birth Chart which shows the exact time, date and location of the soul's entry into this world and all the planets and their location in the houses as well as the aspects, in the Heavens while that Soul made its entry, will in fact, also show these choices and all the lessons the soul wants to learn in this lifetime, as well as the great gifts and talents it also wants to bring into fruition in this world. Therefore, there are NO ACCIDENTS, we are ALL here because WE choose to be here . And our choices are well planned out, with help from our own Soul Groups, Guides and Masters who know us extremely well, from thousands of life times of incarnating! So how could we get it wrong and incarnate into a Mother and Father who were not happy with our arrival?? Or who thought we were the wrong sex or were too busy, poor, worried about other issues to care about us? Or maybe outside forces and circumstances happened,  a Grandparent died as soon as we got here and one of our parents were in deep mourning, therefore not able to care for our needs as they could of before? You may ask why any SOUL would chose to be abused, neglected, come into a home which was single parent, one sibling was more loved/favored than another,  dysfunctional, broken, fueled with addiction issues, poverty, and even abandonment, put up for adoption??? What kind of GOD would do this to an innocent child? You may be asking yourself this question now or even seeing some of your own history here and saying to yourself, "Yes, that was me when I was born or a baby or a teenager."  Maybe it is still going on in your lives now...
Now look at your love relationships in the world, who you have loved in your past, who you have even married if you did, who you divorced, who was your first love, your last or the lack of love. How do these two scenarios compare? Similar? Opposite?? Maybe a mish- mash of both?
What is it about the early experience of love that constantly gets brought back to our own personal relationships time and time again and can play out in ALL our relationships...with friends, bosses,spouses, partners, neighbors, and almost always our own children and even our pets! What is the reason for this? Are you wondering now if anything you ever did was clear and clean from this early entry point where your mind and your heart meshed its ideas of "What Love is"? If so, maybe we need to look at what LOVE ISN'T before I continue here and the Universal Laws which govern LOVE and no, it is not a little angel dressed in a loin cloth with a bow and arrow! ( Cupid!)
The Laws of the Universe are exact and never change in the same way as Gravity is an exact law and never changes unless you go to the Moon! Now here is something that you will surely need to understand and once you do, you will be on the road to Mastery and Graduation from the School of Relationships, so here it is:
1. We are always attracting that which is like unto ourselves. (Law of Attraction) We do this by who we are, as well as what we think and it can be very unconscious or conscious, the choice is yours. (Awareness)
2. Opposites attract too. (Law of Opposites) That which is the same will have an equal and opposite attraction/reaction too.
3. We can never evolve until all lessons are learned and completed to the satisfaction of the individual Soul who participated in these lessons.
4. We do not live for just our own lessons, we sign up to help others too. We show up in their lives at exactly the right time and place as is noted in these Universal Laws (a) There are NO Mistakes. (b) Your Free Will is always being used whether you are aware of it consciously or not.
5. YOU are the Designer and Creator and Master of your own destiny, always. No Planet, Angel, Extra Terrestrial, Incident or Guide has ANY authority over you, unless YOU CHOOSE to give your own power away to that. Let me repeat this: YOU ARE A FREE WILL AGENT...ALWAYS!
6. Taking responsibility for ALL your choices and allowing yourself to see who and why and with what they are trying to teach you is the key and road to Mastery. IN OTHER WORDS: There are NO VICTIMS EVER!
7. All of your most important relationships were formed in the in-between lives state (some call Heaven, others call The Astral Plane) and you and they have chosen this lifetime together to play out your own unresolved fears, issues, insecurities and  use your own abilities or the need to help others do the same. The Great Drama of Life is an ILLUSION and what plays out here, stays here and eventually gets healed here. Which is why there is no pain in Heaven! And also why life looks so crazy and why Love seems so hard to find!!
8. Every word you say, every thought you think, every action you take will be recorded in the Great Akashic Records which you will have complete access to when you pass or can also access in meditation.
9. There are no secrets. We are ALL psychic, telepathic and intuitive and this is immediately known to those who pass. But knowing this HERE while in the body creates a life which is monitored with love, peace, compassion and good and balanced thoughts and actions. In other words, Mastery.
10. You do have a soul group which you return "home" to in-between lives and they will be loving, welcoming and know you inside out. Therefore, there is no such thing as Unloved, Loneliness, and Abandonment. These are illusions of this world. For your own Soul Group will constantly be watching out for you and sending you a million little signs and synchronicities that you are loved!
11. No one ever dies; DEATH is the greatest illusion and when we understand this completely, when we know we just move into the next journey, we take all our thoughts, memories, experiences and what we learned back to our Soul Group and share and teach and even laugh about it all, we then know the true meaning of "Enlightenment" which is that we do not fear death, knowing there is none and that love is eternal.
12. You can never lose anything or anyone. LOSS is also a great illusion and therefore every person you ever loved, including your pets will be there to greet you when you come back "Home"! No one is your enemy either, but all played a part in helping you to become more aware.
13. Religion is for the masses who once needed structure and discipline in the early days of life on planet earth. No one soul is ever greater or better then another or worse! We are all Mighty Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience. There is no judgement in Heaven, only we judge ourselves, in a life review after we pass,  with our Guides (who are just souls who have already done the work and passed the tests, a step or two or 10 or 10,000 above us but we will all become Guides and Masters eventually).
14. If you are a male, you are 49% female within. If you are a female, you are 49% male within and this is true whether you are straight, gay or bi. We come into families which mirror this aspect of ourselves and all our relationships will reflect the inner Self, either balanced or unbalanced. Therefore work with your own inner Yin/Yang compliments and opposites. Then you will no longer attract what is out of balance within you but will attract and resonate the balanced components of Self. The work and the choice is always up to you.( Everyone is YOUR mirror!)
15. You can not rescue, save or heal anyone unless you have completed these lessons and trained in these ways enough to ensure you are not enabling/controlling the other. Knowing this is Mastery over the Ego and the greatest lesson of all: "Discernment".

Now, that you know these rules, and they are Universal and apply to all people, what can we now say about Love?
Those who choose the hardest, most heartbreaking lives are here to bring into alignment their greatest gifts , to discover them and use them and to become Masters . Only those who choose these paths (and not all do, some come for a holiday too, or an easy life after many hard ones, some are newer souls therefore they could not even begin to handle the harder lessons!) A baby can not drive a car! One must first be mature and grown up enough through many lifetimes and many experiences in all ways to take on the hardest lessons. Love is a Mastery course. It is not about the, "he said, she said" b.s. which we seem to think it is! Nor should it be. It is about choosing to see your own reflection of the very issues you came to work on, and to become awaken and aware of them. Then and only then can you even begin the work of Mastering each one of them. When you Master each lesson, understand each experience as the Great Teacher it was/is to you, then you can release, heal, understand it on a deeper level and become aware that it was you who created it all for these lessons you choose to work on in this lifetime! And finally, what we do not learn, our children will bring to our attention! How do they do this? By "acting it out" for you, unconsciously, or just doing the very thing you did not address in your own life: addictions, bad relationships, bad behavior  even self harm and worse! Of course, they signed up for the ride to make sure you will get it and work on it and learn it once and for all! So we always get plenty of chances to graduate!
The truth is we are all working on these lessons to one level or another and our partners who we draw to us, through these laws and the in between life agreements we make before our births are all in it, on to it, and aware of our "contracts" but on a much deeper and unconscious level.
So: The" abused" becomes the lesson of self love . The "abandoned" becomes the lesson of self reliance . The "cheated on or betrayed" becomes the lesson of never to betray the self, trust the self. The "victim" becomes the victor when they see what they were meant to learn, to stand up for themselves. The "lied to" becomes the Seeker of truth and honors the truth always .  The "over powered and controlled" becomes the awareness of the right use of power, using it for the betterment of others, not just the self. The "loveless and lonely" becomes the ability to give unconditional love for all of humanity,animals and all life,  including the self. The "judgmental, criticizing, condemning" becomes the ability to observe and listen to the inner voice of wisdom( called the Intuition ) and to communicate with love and acceptance to all of life, including the self, both here a nd in Spirit.

The " child within " is constantly asking us to "play" to "discover" and will also invite these situations into our lives, after all it is the "child within" who is that part of us which loves. Heal that part and you are well on your way. How do you do this? By listening, observing, being rigorously honest with yourself  and correcting any issues and bad behavior, blaming others, etc. on your part, facing your fears , addressing your own needs and finally just loving and accepting your self completely.

Love is innocent. Love is pure, Love is just that; Love and it is never, ever anything but that. The rest is all down to what you need to learn to get there. The rest are the myriad of games you play to realize this. The players are all on your own team and each one signed up for the assignment. Once you see this, once you understand this and have worked on clearing the debris from all other issues connected with love, and what isn't are on the Mastery road and free to just be LOVE...with no agenda, hidden or subconscious.

" Love is in the air, everywhere I look around" ..and now back to John Paul Young's song: "Love is in the air, every sight and every sound" the words of the song become the reality. Now the lyrics become your reality! How does it feel to graduate from the School of Love and Relationships? I'll bet it feels just LOVELY!

By, Shawn M. Cohen
(C) July 21, 2013

Added note!
I will be a guest speaker about these very themes of love and the school of love and graduating from it using spiritual wisdom, deeper understanding and will  also taking your calls and tuning in on a Mediumship level on Monday, July 22nd, 2013 at 7:00 pm EST, 4:00 pm (PST) and 12:00 Midnight UK time (GMT) on IN5D Blog Talk Radio. Here is the link:
{Please come along and join in, there is a chat room and it is free to call in on Skype! It is a 2 hour show and I will be there to help sort out your worst relationship problems, live and on air. It is free to all, so let's get that path well and truly sorted. Love problems unresolved can be the biggest distraction on the Path to Higher Awakening, which is why I chose this theme for the show. It is time to get it, get off the misery road and get some true love and joy into your lives!  Click the link and it will take you right to the show page.}

Use of John Paul Young's song, "Love Is In The Air" and the video made is under the Fair Trade usage act and no copyright infringement intended.


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