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December Snow and a Timely Message

Shawn Cohen
December Snow , written by Justin Hayward , from The Moody Blues . Justin sings his heart out about the loss of someone dear to him. How wonderful it all was in September but by the snow fall of December, he has a broken heart. October then November filled with reminiscent memories of times gone by with the person he loves but now she is gone. He sings, with an ache in his voice, "Time, take this sadness from me, Time, bring my heart back safely to me..."
These feelings are like so many who mourn the loss of a loved one.  Either through breaking up, loss of relationship or death. Time. Time comes as a healer , as a comforter but the loss is always there, felt .

The Winter of our Heart is there within us, it is the time to incubate the feelings of loss, the feelings of broken dreams, the sense that nothing and no one can help us. We feel grief, bereft, lost, broken as if the whole world is as cold as December Snow. How can we ever be the same again? How can we ever heal? Be whole?
" TIME .. .take this sadness from me"... Justin Hayward's poignant lyrics say it all. " TIME bring my heart back safely ." Where did his heart go? To the beloved, of course. Or To God, to help heal it. To the Angels who carry it's energy until the person can handle the pain.  Back to his soul group and his Higher Self who also tend to it's pain.  To the Shamans who do Soul Retrieval*, they know this all too well. Trained in understanding and healing bits of us, from our Soul that can leave from such shock, despair and pain. Where do those parts go? They can enter what the Shamans call, " the Middle World", or the Astral World and so many other places where we can stay/linger/hide for decades. The Psycho-pomp, (a person who can tune in and bring messages between other worlds) can help and even bring the part that is broken, left, scarred, traumatized back home to its body, soul, heart, mind, being.

We are multidimensional beings, so it makes sense we can allow (unconsciously) a part that is too broken to cope to be held within us. If the Soul chooses or unknowingly splits from fear, shock or trauma, there are ways to heal again and to call this part of us back to us.  Our journey here in this life at this TIME is to heal...all of us. No one is exempt from such healing. No one is without the tools to heal, but you must know where to look.

I am a Psychic Medium. My work is to be that "Psycho Pomp", like Mercury/Hermes was to Demeter/Ceres to find her daughter Persephony/Persophina in the Greek myths, when she was kidnapped by Hades/Pluto and taken to the "Under World."  It is a journey of travelling between worlds. It is the tuning in to the Multi-Verse to attend to the needs of those who mourn. This is because I ,too, have been awakened by losing someone I loved, not once but twice. My training began when my boyfriend passed in 1979, my training advanced when another beloved I loved passed in 2004. The first allowed me to find the Psychic I was, the second allowed me to find the Medium I was. These experiences and much training have given me the way to show the world, who ever mourns, there is Life After Death and Love After Death, too.

The way of the mourner is the way to opening our hearts. Christmas/ Hanukkah Holiday seasons are the worst time for many who mourn. They need to know that  a loved one who has passed is o.k. They miss them so. Life is not the same. How can they go on?  This is why I am offering  FREE Mediumship Readings on a 2 hour radio show live at Blog Talk Radio, called " The Right Side of Things ", hosted by Rick Fiorio, on SUNDAY , December 23rd at 2:30pm ( Eastern Standard Time) and 7:30pm London, England (GMT) time. If you love someone who has passed on, if your heart is in pain, if you just want a Christmas message from them to know they are "ok"...please come to:
This is your invitation to allow me to make the connection for you! Hear from them and know yourself, love and life goes on.

By relaying messages from the Spirit World to the loved ones left behind, I have experienced the joy of so many finding healing, relief from the pain of loss and a new belief in Life After Death. Love never dies . ..we are energy and energy only transforms. The spirit continues, they are still the same person, their jokes, their quirks, their personality all come through along with their memories of you and them together.  If your heart is heavy this Holiday Season, please be my guest and come along, mark your calenders and listen to the show. It is free and if you have Skype (which is also free and can be downloaded here : ). You can call in for free as well. There are many lines so you will not be on hold long. I aim to get through as many people as I can, in a two hour show, to bring messages of love, comfort, joy and humour to you all for a very special Christmas edition of The Right Side of Things, hosted by Rick Fiori, with special guest, Psychic Medium Shawn M. Cohen! (click above link to take you there).

Heal , find some hope , joy and chat along with others in the chat room. You can also sign into Blog Talk Radio with your Facebook account. All free. This is my gift to all who long to hear from their beloveds in Heaven, including your much loved pets. TIME will reunite you again but until then, let me bring a smile to you in this Holiday Season.

Until TIME takes the sadness away and TIME heals you, it is my desire to offer the magic and meaning of this special season , that love truly never dies and that our loved ones and our pets who have passed on are always near us. It is a truth that you will know, when you have had this experience.

Especially for the Holidays they want to communicate with you, as much as you do with them. So please know they are there, waiting to show you a sign or have you acknowledge them. This gives them great joy and closure too.

May you find the courage to see the Bigger Picture of why , that your heart will go on and heal and this life, this journey's meaning becomes clearer along the way. Till then, from my heart to yours, Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year!

Mayan Predictions being what they may, we will still be here in 2013, maybe a bit more conscious , a bit more aware of the Bigger Picture wouldn't that be nice?

Shelter From The Storm , a Metaphysical Blog
By, Shawn M. Cohen
Dec. 16, 2012
(C) Shawn M. Cohen 2012

* Book on Soul Retrieval : "Soul Retrieval" by, Sandra Ingerman this is one of the best books on this and here is Sandra's website:

No copyright infringement is intended. The Moody Blue's song, December Snow, by Justin Hayward, all rights belong to the artist, composer. Video posted on You Tube.


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