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Getting your mind ready to heal - ...

Anne Baker

Woman with Head Bowed Could your thoughts be keeping you from getting well?

Being open to the possibility of healing and good health can sometimes seem daunting for people who have been living with chronic, long term pain, depression or other activity limiting conditions.

If you feel you just don't know how to get un-stuck from what might be holding you back from being healthy again I'd like to suggest you begin with altering how you view your relationship to your body.

Your diagnosis doesn't have to be self-limiting

Doctors are trained to diagnose and then treat specific health "conditions". One of the problems I have with this is that while a working diagnosis does provide a baseline of whats going on in the body, it's usually a bit more complex than that. The second problem I have with this is that too often this diagnosis begins to define people and they feel stuck. While there is some comfort in knowing what you're dealing with to often this creates feelings of dread and we start to focus on limitations instead of possibilities.


While this may sound harsh, certain people seem to fall into a closed way of thinking about their condition that almost acts as a road block, preventing them from taking action. When that happens their actions become self-fulfilling prophecy. For this person, once they are told they have x or y condition they internalize this and pretty much accept they will always have this health problem.

Now let me be clear - I am not dismissing anyone's pain in any way or suggesting that their condition is self manufactured! I fully realize the pain and suffering many folks have on a daily basis...and this is precisely why I get so upset when they just accept a substandard of health care that really does nothing to help them get well again.

This is really sad because our minds create our reality. Once you accept something in your mind as a fact - it becomes your reality. When this happens people get stuck, become immobilized or even worse they give up.

I have seen this with folks that have been given any number of diagnoses from a heart condition, diabetes, GERD, IBS to auto-immune conditions . Many people living with ADHD, OCD, depression or anxiety seem even more prone to becoming so discouraged they give in and end up accepting a standard of care that is not actually going to fully help them.

Sometimes I wonder if the diagnosis the medical community has labeled this person as having is actually keeping them stuck being sick? And this is precisely why I focus on providing hope to people by helping them make small changes that prove to them they can change their outcomes!

~ This is also why I designed my Healing from Within Program in incremental steps.

Dont let your diagnosis define you!

The brain is the most powerful organ in the body, but many people either forget this or dont know how to adjust their thinking. In order to harness the power of your brain you must shift from accepting that you will always have x or feel this way to the possibility of recovery from your condition. No medicine, therapy or other intervention can even have a chance of helping you move from being sick to becoming well until you change your mind-set.

Making the shift:

There are a number of techniques and therapies that work very effectively to help break through the barriers we sometime create in our heads. Two very powerful techniques to help you begin making the shift from hopeless to hopeful so the healing process can begin is using are Guided Imagery and Developing Mindfulness.

Guided Imagery is a technique that can be used to reduce stress and promote a sense of peace and tranquility at a stressful or difficult time in a persons life. This is a non-invasive technique that is easy for even young children to learn.

According to the Academy of Guided Imagery : it encompasses a wide variety of techniques, from simple visualization and direct suggestion using imagery, metaphor and story-telling, to fantasy exploration and game playing, dream interpretation, drawing, and active imagination to shift elements of the unconscious to appear as images that can communicate with the conscious mind.

Guided Imagery has been shown to promote wellness and optimize overall health. Anxiety can be reduced by up to 65%, and it has been shown to decrease pain and bring a person to a state of tranquility in matter of minutes. Research has also shown that stimulating the brain through imagery may have a direct effect on both the endocrine and nervous systems, which lead to changes in immune system function.

~ Notice that last part? Guided Imagery can actually alter and improve immune function! Now that's what I call mind over matter!

Listen to this Guided Imagery I created and take a short "vacation" from your troubles -

[audio mp3=""][/audio]

Our thoughts do become our reality

If you want to see how much our thoughts do become our reality try this:

Each morning before you get out of bed close your eyes and visualize your perfect day. By perfect day I do not mean winning the Lotto! :-) Rather, step yourself through your morning where everything goes smoothly.

For example:

  • You feel refreshed from a good nights sleep

  • You stretch and notice no pain in your muscles or joints

  • It's a beautiful sunny day and the birds are singing

  • The shower heats up fast and you have just enough left of your favorite shampoo

  • There is little traffic on your way to work, school or errands.

  • You get a great parking spot at your destination

  • Did that cute guy/gal just smile at you?

~ you get the idea!

Try and do this "mind exercise" for 30 days and see if you notice everything beginning to shift.

Mindfulness is another technique to help shift from negative and un-healthy perpetuating thoughts to healthy, happy thoughts. It is described by Dr. Elisha Goldstein as "the ability to cultivate awareness of the present moment while putting aside our lenses of judgment. It is being in connection with the direct experience of the present moment, the here and now. The practice of mindfulness offers us the unique strength of learning how to control our own minds, instead of our minds controlling us."

By learning how to quite the mind (much as you do in meditation practice) you allow yourself to be in the moment and can then stop "creating" more fear based, hopeless thoughts which inevitably lead to resistance to your body's ability to be open to healing. As we remove fear and resistance the body and mind open up to the possibility of health and happiness. A good example of this that you may be able to relate to is the more centered experience you feel as you do any of the heart chakra opening yoga poses.

Instead of judging a situation try and sit back and notice. Learn to be comfortable with just being. Do take time to appreciate nature every day. Find an outlet to express your creativity and your inner souls desire and allow yourself time to savor the experience in this creative space.

Information overload & becoming overwhelmed

I love people who are proactive about their health and I certainly consider myself to be a proactive person. However, it can be confusing to sift through conflicting health and nutritional information that's been written for a general audience. Plus when you're suffering with several health challenges this piece meal approach is usually not very effective and you're left more confused. It's much more comfortable easing into changes through smaller incremental steps.

The most powerful organ- the brain

Remember, that what we do every day (habits) are mostly done on the subconscious level. In order to change what we do requires a conscious effort to create new patterns of behavior. If you are serious about resolving your health issues for the long-term you must be open to the possibility of health and then you can begin the journey of learning how to develop new, health habits.

Change does not happen over night or even in a few weeks. In fact studies show it takes at least 90 days and usually 120 days of repetitive practice before the brain begins to shift this practice to automatic pilot creating a new habit. This is why fitness trainers expect you to train with them at least three times a week for ninety days! The same holds true for creating lasting healthy eating and lifestyle habits.

The first step is to become an active participant in your health and to prepare your mind to be open to the possibility of healing. I know this is something that is too often overlooked by medical doctors as they focus on diagnosing and treating symptoms instead of uncovering the cause and healing/correcting the issue. As more people are turning to holistic health to resolve lingering health issues with out medications we must remember to be open to the possibility of health .

If you are tired of the current sick care model of care and are ready to re-claim your health I can help you. Please Contact me! today and let's get started on your BioIndividual Nutrition Program today.


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