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8 Steps to help you stay well, ...

Anne Baker

We have been told that declining health and disease are just part of the natural aging process. Maybe youve been experiencing more aches and pains, or indigestion, or felt less rested and thought its just a normal part of aging.

But what if we actually could prevent decline as we age and what if the way to do it was within everyone's reach?

Is there really a Fountain of Youth?

Ive though a lot about this lately and I can honestly say I feel better today than I did fifteen years ago! When I was in my mid 40s I was feeling pretty hopeless about my own health. I had weekly excruciating migraine headaches, low back pain and I had to wear a knee brace. I was chronically constipated and so tired all the time that I would literally fall asleep sitting in a chair (it turned out to be chronic fatigue syndrome). I was defiantly suffering with what I call the tri-fecta of modern living: poor sleep, low energy and chronic pain!

There were many days when I thought Id be in a wheel chair by the time I hit 50 .

Today, as I am nearer to 60 years old than 50 both my knee and back pain are gone and I have not had a migraine headache in 6 years. Plus my skin is clearer, I dont get constipated and I have good energy all day.

I dont buy into the idea that we just have to accept less energy, more pain and limitations on what our bodies can do as we age. In fact I can tell you from personal experience that the real Fountain of Youth can be yours too by adopting these eight tips

Eight Tips for better health as you age

Tip # 1: Your thoughts do become your reality

Positive thoughts lead to positive actions becoming real. What a difference it makes for me when I start my day with a short positive visualization. Its easy to do, heres how: Before you get out of bed take 60 seconds to visualize your perfect day a day where all the little things you might take for granted delight you; you feel rested and have no pains, the shower heats up fast and you have just enough left of your favorite shampoo for today; theres no traffic on your way out and you get a great parking spot at your destinationdid that cute guy/gal actually smile at you??? You get the idea.

- And be mindful of the kind of people are you surrounding yourself with. Stay away from the toxic people and surround yourself with other positive, energized, like-minded health seekers.

Tip #2: Stay colorful! Eat colorful, fresh foods

Every bite of food provides information to your body - what are your food choices telling your body?

Fresh, organic produce has valuable anti-oxidants and all the vitamins and minerals our bodies need. So before you eat consider what information the food you are about to eat will provide your body. To do this it helps to practice mindful eating. You can get my handout on how to do this here: Mindful Eating Handout

Tip #3: Move more and youll have less pain!

The human body was not ever meant to sit for as long as most of us do these days. Find something you enjoy to do and then do it every day.

Walking is easy and coasts nothing, but if you like bike riding, roller blade or swimming, do it. If you need motivation find a work out buddy or use an on-line app like My Fitness Pal. Set reminders in your cell phone and make exercise the time every day thats 100% about loving yourself!

Tip #4: Reduce your exposure to toxins

Chemicals, heavy metals, EMTs, prescription medications, xenobiotics abound. Pay attention to whats in the products and foods you buy, what you slather on your skin, breath in, ingest and surround yourself with. Read the labels on everything and if you cannot pronounce the ingredients do not buy it. Switch to green, plant-based and non-toxic household and personal care products.

Ladies please pay attention to what is in the makeup and hair products you use every day! Organic and plant-based alternative exists - do some research and find alternativesyoull be reducing the burden on you liver and it will help keep you well longer.

Tip #5 Get enough healthy fats in your diet

Essential fatty acids cannot be manufactured by the body they must be obtained from our diets. So eat wild caught seafood at least twice a week - and take a high quality EPA/DHA supplement for added health insurance daily.

Eat avocados, flax seeds and use flax-seed oils and the toss canola oil in the trash! Eliminate store-bought condiments as these contain canola and or soybean oil which are not healthy oils. For cooking use virgin coconut oil or olive oil.

Remember EFAs are required for us to make hormones and neuro-transmitters and they also act as a natural anti-inflammatory. If we have less inflammation we have less pain and less disease! Low fat diets are NOT healthy!!!

Tip #6 Eliminate inflammatory trigger foods

Remember food is information.

While you can be reactive to almost any food the big three are gluten, soy and diary. Removing these foods (and any products made with these ingredients) goes a long way in reducing inflammation, pain and the many chronic health conditions associated. You will need to remove suspected foods for at least 30 days and keep a written log of how you feel when you do this. If you feel less pain, mood swings, less gas/bloating and better bowel movements then your body is signaling youre better off without those foods.

Tip # 7 Eat less grains & more plant foods

Even if you have moved to a gluten-free lifestyle chances are your still consuming too many grains. This is probably the most challenging of all the health habits I ask people to make. Grains, even gluten-free varieties, still contain a high amount of carbohydrates so its best to obtain carbohydrates from lower GI vegetables and fruits instead. The plant fiber helps slow the release of carbohydrates and is more satiating. Besides, plants are naturally low in calories.

Try eliminating these three foods - gluten, soy and dairy for 30 days and see if you notice less pain, more energy better sleep. If you are still experiencing significant health issues it may be time to have a IgG/ IgA test done and work with a nutritional specialist to uncover other sources of inflammation.

Tip # 8 Eat wild caught or pasture raised animal products

Omega 3 rich eggs and wild caught seafood are superior animal protein choices. Limiting beef is a good idea and if you eat beef, be sure its grass fed so you get beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids and not the more inflammatory omega 6 fatty acids.

Remember that there are other sources of non-animal protein that also provide excellent nutrition such as almonds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds and hemp seeds. Eating small amounts of protein every few hours helps keep you satiated and steadies blood sugar which helps prevent developing insulin resistance. Build meals around plant foods with small amounts of high quality protein and youll be giving your body what it needs to stay well for the long run.

I hope you can see how we can stay healthy, even as we age. The Fountain of Youth will not elude those who practice healthy thoughts, make healthy food choices and participate in healthy activity.

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  • Maxine Dewhurst 5 years, 9 months ago

    what do you think about cold pressed organic canola oil?

  • Anne Baker 5 years, 9 months ago

    Hi Maxine,
    While the Canadian canola oil growers claim canola did start out as a non-GMO product it's been modified so much now that I suggest avoiding that oil. You can read a post on canola oil here:

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