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Vitex and the female reproductive system

Nadine Renee

Vitex has long been praised as one of the best remedies for female reproductive issues. It is known to benefit women in balancing hormones, abnormal uterine growths, menopausal issues, and lactating problems. Vitex is also known by the name Chasteberry, and Agnus Castus. Scientific studies have also validated many of the claims Vitex makes in regards to women's reproductive health.

One of the main things it does is stimulate the pituitary and hypothalamus glands into producing a greater amount of progesterone. Many women use it to aid in conception as well. Abnormal uterine growths is another use of Vitex, as well as excessive menstruation. This also relieves emotional and mood swings associated with premenstrual tension, premenstrual syndrome, and come to your assistance when dealing with abdominal bloating, breast swelling and tenderness. The extract from the Vitex fruit was shown during a scientific study to bind with the opiate receptiors, which in turn helps with the menopausal and PMS discomfort. Vitex restores hormonal balance while enhancing fertility. It's also used to normalize reproductive functioning when coming off birth control pills, after giving birth, having a miscarriage or abortion.

For women going through menopause, Vitex helps with night sweats and hot flashes. This natural remedy lubricates dry vaginal tissue, balance excessive mood swings and helps relieve depression.

Vitex is considered as extremely safe to be ingested. Many nursing mothers also use Vitex for stimulating the production of prolactin. This helps increase the production of milk, as well as increase the energy supply for nursing mothers.

Regular use of Vitex shows has a strong anti inflammatory effect on the endometrium. It also shows significant assistance in the shrinking of fibroids. PCOS is another common reproductive disease that many women suffer from. Vitex has proven to help with PCOS. For many fertility supplements, Vitex is also a key ingredient because of it's success in aiding in fertility. Vitex only affects women's cycles this way. Many men use Vitex for reducing sexual desire, and for increasing urine flow.

Vitex can be taken in both capsule, and tincture form, and is scientifically proven to be an effective tool in all areas of women's reproductive health. It has also been approved to be safe when taken continuously, even up to 18 months consecutively. If fertility drugs are also being taken to achieve pregnancy, do not continue taking Vitex. If using Vitex to achieve pregnancy, once pregnancy is confirmed, Vitex can be discontinued.


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