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Shopping at the Universal Love Grocery Store

Heike Zelnhefer
For about three weeks now, I meditate daily. It is something I always wanted to do but never "found the time for it." How silly because now that I am actively doing it, it only takes about 10 to 15 minutes. So, every morning I sit down and start focusing on my breath. First I just breathe, focusing on each breath as it fills my lungs and leaves my body again. I feel the coolness of the morning air transform into a comforting and centering massage of my internal organs.

Once I found my rhythm, I start to consciously breathe in Only Good Energy and Universal Love Energy . I keep on breathing in only this vibrant energy that is available to all of us.
I breathe out all my fears and worries, my negative thoughts that I had the day before, the nightmares I might have had over night, and the anticipated negative thoughts I might have over the present day. I breathe out prejudices I have against myself and others, and I breathe out all self-doubt. Any negative chatter that goes on in my mind has to go! I no longer want it because I no longer need it. It does not serve any purpose! I release all that I no longer want or need, everything that keeps me from living in the present and that holds me back from going forward.

Since I let go of so much, I need to fill the space with good and positive energy. So this is when I start my shopping spree. I go shopping at the Universal Love Grocery Store . It is my favorite store because it has everything I could possibly want and need. I fill my shopping cart with Love, Peace, Harmony, Faith, Creativity, Joy, Happiness, Financial Abundance, Passion, Self-Confidence and everything else I want to nourish my body and soul with. I take all these things because it is my birthright to feel amazing and great! I breathe them in and I feel how I live this amazing life.

I breathe in all the goodness the Universe has to offer and I breathe it out. In and out. In an out. I can feel this continuous cycle of Only Good Energy flowing. I take each breath to nourish myself. I take each breath for the greater good of myself and others.

Namaste ॐ


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