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Inspirational Exercise: The Treasure Chest

Heike Zelnhefer
Hello again! I hope you had a wonderful week and wish that your weekend will be exquisite! Today I have another meditation from The Relax Deck: 50 Meditations . It is about trust. Trust in ourself, in who we are and what we have.
As you become lost in your imagination, relax, and trust the process of what is happening in the moment. Only too often do we get carried away by mistrust not only of other people but mistrusting ourself, our intuition, or our strength. So focus on the positive :)


"If our thoughts are dark and our view of life is bleak, our lives will be starved of richness and only dark and bleak will find us. Make a point of focusing your mind on positive thoughts, and learn to trust and love all that you have and all that you are. In these ways the treasure chest of inner peace falls open and enlightenment comes within our grasp."

The more you practice, the easier it becomes to relax.


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