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Inspirational Exercise: The Pomegranate

Heike Zelnhefer
This meditation is from The Relax Deck: 50 Meditations published by Duncan Baird Publishers Ltd. I found this meditation very fitting especially in today's world where people migrate from one place to another and where, once you bought a new technological gadget you get the feeling it is already outdated. Our mind is constantly challenged and in conflict if we are not practicing compassion and understanding of each other. Since we cannot change another person but only ourself, having tolerance toward each other is essential. Our own thoughts affect not only ourself but all the people we come in contact with.

"New technology and the ease of modern travel mean that, inevitably, we sometimes come across views at odds with our own. Think of them as the countless seeds in a pomegranate fruit - many tiny parts which together make up a whole reflecting the rich diversity of all creation. Remember, criticism generates discord but tolerance and compassion create peace and harmony."

Take a few minutes out of your busy day and allow yourself to become lost in your imagination; at lunchtime, in the bathroom, before you go into a meeting (or possibly even in the meeting - just don't get caught). The more you practice, the easier it becomes to relax, to be accepting and compassionate. Or sit down at night before you go to sleep, let your mind wonder of how each person is different from the next yet we are all united... read the text and let your mind wander...


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