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Yogi Miloh LMT
Perhaps at some point in your life you learned that the body is a source of energy and matter. Although, contrary to what might seem like common sense to some the body is not entirely solid.

It is suggested that the brain and heart alone are composed of 70% fluid, the muscles and lungs 80%, skin %60, and according to the Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, H.H. Mitchell suggests that even our bones are more than %30 fluid.

Can you guess what that fluid is? It's not blood. It's water. Our bodies are roughly %60 water. If you look at our bodies as a glass, we are more than half full --in your face pessimists, science rules!

Using another analogy if you look at our bodies as an open source water, can you imagine what would happen if you through a stone into that pool, and what would that would look like? If you're visualizing energetic ripples, that's what I thought too!

It is suggested by Buddhism and Hinduism before Christianity came into being that chakras (that's sanskrit for energy wheels) are sources of energy in our bodies and much like the most common interpretation of a spirit they are version of our conscious self that grows as we do.

Due to modern day advances in science energy can be measured in light to distinguish different colors, and in sound to distinguish different notes. It is said like that chakras resonate in different parts of our bodies along our spine, and each wheel corespondents to a certain color and a note.

In Sound Massage we set our intention through the use of chakra bowls that vibrate upon the skin to play a certain note amplified by the acoustics from cavities in the body such as in the chest and through the use of guided meditation we can visualize a color to intentionally channel different chakras to hone their unique energetic properties into our bodies and into our lives.

For my private practice I have chosen the root chakra bowl as the root chakra is believed to help ground energy, and the heart chakra bowl as the heart chakra is believed to attune to what I like to call universal love (or unconditional love) to find self love, acceptance and inner healing.

To learn more about chakras or why I believe they are a universal truth that can be acknowledged in almost all religions including Christianity to find healing feel free to shoot me a message. I'd love to hear your thoughts, and answer any questions you might have.


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