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Why SHOULD or SHOULDN'T we receive deep ...

Yogi Miloh LMT

I had a friend just ask me today "Why does Deep-Tissue hurt?" He shared a story where he told his previous massage therapist "I just want to try to release pressure off my spine is all to help ease the pain in my back and try to separate my vertebrae" & that peaceful massage experience came to a abrupt halt when his spine was jabbed with the therapists elbow.

As a Licensed Massage Therapist these are VERY thought provoking questions to hear!

This was my response to him:

"Release pressure sounds almost as if there might be a literal valve of energy a Massage Therapist could simply open.

While some Massage Therapists would LOVE this analogy --I don't think many scientists would. Massage has been proven to break-up scar tissue created from the body being in distress, and break-up calcium deposits created from the metabolic waste exchange. If the body decides that the massage was traumatic it may very well decide to lay down more scar tissue to protect that/those already restricted area(s) of the body."

--I think when it all comes down to it an effective massage comes down to one thing TRUST you have to be able to trust the massage can help you and trust the intentions of your therapist.

With that said there is a lot of important after care that a massage therapists gives you that you MUST take if you don't want to be soar the following several days due to "toxins" or broken calcium deposits and lactic acid being redistributed in the body.

To find out more feel free to send me a message. I'd love to hear your thoughts, options and questions or feel free to comment below.


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