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The Cosmic Law Faith

Laura Schwalm

Faith is the bridge which connects our dreams, passions, and loves to the physical world. Faith asks us to believe in ourselves as well as the universe. Through our creative expressions faith coaxes us into trusting and going further then we can see. To trust in the divine, and spiritual process.
Faith is the recognition that spirit works through everything and everyone so, we are always supported. The amount of faith an individual has reflects within their character, habits, and behaviorisms. Faith is the largest leap a person can take because, faith is unseen and isn’t backed up with logic and concrete proof. Faith asks us to see every experience and difficult lesson as an opportunity to learn, grow and evolve.
Faith allows us to learn through our intuition, body instincts and universal intelligence. We get to learn through our own direct experiences. Faith is the divine knowledge of the soul. Having spiritual faith is having power of truth from within. It allows us to follow our hearts desire and, gives us the willingness to venture into uncharted territories with courage and, to learn from our mistakes.
To have faith means to have complete trust, it is an attitude of devotion that opens up to a gateway of magical experiences. It is an inner confidence which allows us to face difficulty with wisdom and courage. Faith is the opposite of fear. The intensity of a difficulty is often a sign of how much faith an individual has.

Laura Schwalm-Anthony is a Master Psychic Healer who helps individuals heal and balance the body, mind, and spirit. To read about Laura’s services, read blogs Laura has written and, listen to past radio show pod casts go to


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