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Manifest Don’t Create



There is only One Force in this world and it is the Creative Substance; it is Light and it is conscious of you and me; and it is made of consciousness.

The Light of Consciousness is malleable and forms itself around the repetitive thoughts and beliefs that you broadcast out into space. Space or Akasha is the House of God; it is where the God Force pulsates, vigilantly, ever-aware of what you are mentally broadcasting toward Her.

When your thoughts and beliefs collide with the invisible and malleable Creative Force, that Force molds itself around your idea of what your life should be. At the exact moment of that collision, you manifest into your life exactly what you expect your life to be.

You see, it is never a question of Creation, for in the Silent and Unified Field of Consciousness, the seed for every creation is already present; every possible potential is bubbling with enthusiasm to come into existence. It is not you who creates, because the seed of creation is already pulsating in space.

All you have to do is conjure up the notion of the life you want and then release the thought into space without attachment to the results.You cannot act or struggle to manifest anything; the very best you can do is to just “BE” what you want to become. Walk about with the feeling that what you want to manifest is already yours. Claim your desired outcome with the certain and intense feeling that you have already arrived! Broadcast that feeling of spiritual certainty every moment of your life.

That feeling of already having arrived will quickly influence the dance of the electron, and you will see that what you claim as yours, that feeling of spiritual certainty, quickly manifests into physical reality.

Claim your Dream My Friend

Kambiz Naficy


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