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Free Will



God gives you the free will to choose your self-identity and your self image. Based on your self image and and your expectations of life, you will be broadcasting messages to the conscious God Force. This is how you manifest your life-results, through the beliefs that you project outwards.

Never look to the external appearance of your present life to gauge your future potential. Whatever currently exists in your life is simply a manifestation of the past beliefs and thoughts that you have already projected out to the conscious God Force. To change the results of your life now, you  must first conjure up images of a different life that you desire from here onward.

There is a time lag between the life that you are conjuring up in your imagination and the actual manifestation of these thoughts. Do not worry about this delay; the true masters have learnt to manifest quickly. To manifest your dreams quickly you need to pay attention to these fundamentals of manifestation:

- Be clear about your purpose and the exact life that you want to create.

- Imagine the loveliest, the most joyful circumstances that you dare imagine.

- Choose a life that creates very powerful desire. Powerful desire pierces space and penetrates the Creative Force deeply.

- Focus intensely as to be consumed with you ideal life. That kind of concentration will push out all other distracting thoughts.

- Walk around all day literally feeling as if you are already living the life that you have conjured up in your imagination. Employ your five senses to feel, smell, hear, taste, touch, and see that life.

- Have faith that the conscious God Force (pure consciousness) is constantly aware and is being influenced by your recurring beliefs, thoughts, and expectations.

- You can only manifest in the present moment, in the NOW. Never mind the future or the past.

- Having that faith in your power of imagination and manifestation, wake up each morning, and take actual steps in the direction of your ideal life. You must demonstrate your spiritual certainty by taking steps toward your ideals.

- Never be attached to the results; results are none of your business; results are already taken care of–Just BE the one you want to BE. Beingness is the key.

You have the choice to choose from an infinite number of possibilities since the Silent Ocean of Creation called The Unified Field is just bubbling with every imaginable possibility.

Remember, as far as the God Force is concerned, you are just as free as your imagination allows you to be.

Many Blessings and Have Fun Manifesting

Kambiz Naficy


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