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Feeling of relief and joy

Joanna Chodorowska

" Working with Joanna has been such a joy . Her spirited nature and very accommodating schedule has allowed me to get many sessions in a short amount of time. Sometimes, I'll just sit down in the middle of my work day and have a [Path To Heal] session, then contemplate on the new information and release {the blocks] just as I finish my day.
I look forward to each one and never cease to be amazed at such an incredible process each session provides. At first I just wanted to feel better . But taking the journey of each session and seeing how it began to expand my emotional well being has given me such a feeling of relief and joy .
This is the emotional support I have needed for all my life . Now I can be the person I've wanted to be. I am so hooked. I have so many dreams of where to go next. Thank you Joanna !
And, BTW, you are the JC on my speed dial ;-) "

This is what a client of mine wrote this weekend for me.  They are allowing me to use this as a testimonial so share their experience of working with The Path To Heal.  I have been a practitioner and learning the intricacies of this energy healing modality for over 4.5 years and am now an advanced practitioner.  The Path To Heal utilizes over 30+ protocols to help identify the underlying root cause of a subconscious issue that we subconsciously created that keeps us stuck in our lives. radiating from the heart
I know I am not the same person I once was and having gone to a spiritual awareness seminar last week, I was told my several people that I 'looked different' (some only saw me 7 months ago). One said ' You are radiating !" (with relief and joy I hope!) and I have not seen him for 8 years!  When you clear the emotional blocks , your life starts to unfold in ways you could not imagine.   If I had gone to this same seminar a year ago, I am not sure I would have understood the concepts and healing words they shared.  Without the healing of The Path To Heal, I would have not found relief and joy in the seminar!

Once you can connect with your heart and your heart's desires without the walls of protection, you can start to manifest that which your heart truly desires.  You can do this without worrying about what others may think.  You gain your personal power and take care of your needs , so that you in turn can take care of others needs, too.  You gain emotional support from within, but also from others.  You start to give to yourself and others, and you will also receive from others!  The healing is energetic and helps heal the soul and our physical body.  The healing comes from raising our vibration to that of unconditional love and letting go of judgement, shame, guilt, criticism, embarrassment and fear.

When we release the judgements or the expectation of criticism, we create a much more peaceful and joyful life - without ourselves and with others.  When I was growing up, I was raised Roman Catholic.  The teachings are not much different in other religions, but there is a lot of guilt and shame radiating cross associated with it.  It seems that blame, shame and judgement are a result of many religious teachings.
Either we are not doing it right, there is someone to blame for something that happened, or you are guilted into doing things you in your heart know you don't want to do or feel you don't need to participate in.  We start having perceptions that people will not like us if we don't do things their way.  This is the way it is 'supposed to' be done.  There is no thinking outside the box.  Just do as you are told .  We fear we will be punished if we speak our minds, or express our emotions from the heart.  Where in reality, if we speak from the heart, we cannot hurt another or ourselves.  To avoid the fear of punishment or criticism, we sometimes create the pain inside our bodies.

We get wounded in childhood when we ask for a basic need to be met, yet we get shut down for whatever reason.  We are neglected when we want to have fun.  We are told to 'stop being lazy' when we are having fun and playing.  We are not productive unless we work hard!  So we start creating barriers and walls subconsciously so we can avoid experiencing this hurt and pain again .  We get addicted to pain avoidance.  Later on in life, some of these emotions that we suppressed, become physical pains.  Headaches, migraines, hip pain, back pain, tooth pain, etc.  Yes, it is a physical pain, but it is not rooted in poor food choices of inflammatory nature, but rather the emotions of the heart are being suppressed.  So now we have a pain in our guts whenever we are challenged to express ourselves.

Be strong. Expressing your emotions is a sign of weakness .  Big girls/boys don't cry.   I know I was told this growing up!  And I learned to fortify my heart with an almighty huge fort!
No o radiating heart ne was going to get in!  No One!
I did not want my heart to get hurt again.
With the Path To Heal, I have been able to heal my heart .  I have been able to open it up, learn compassion for myself and for others .
It has helped me be a better practitioner and in my nutrition business.  Clients feel safe telling me their issues, as I have compassion for them, not disdain.
I have learned to express my emotions and not hold them inside so they can fester and create pain inside my heart or my body.  Yes, some of that hip pain I had was emotional trauma I was storing in the hip.  Sometimes after a day of training for The Path To Heal , I could go and skip in the garden after a session where I was limping in with pain before we started the day. (and yes, I was also able to eliminate the pain with the Anti-Inflammatory Diet , too which I teach my clients)

We should express out emotions and should cry every now and then as needed!
This will allow the no right or wrong release of the soured emotions and allow the body to heal.  This will help us connect with our hearts and feel safe expressing ourselves .  There should be no judgement.  Things happen in the way they should be happening, in their Divine timing.  Without judgement, there is no right or wrong , there just 'is'.

Without judgement, no one is right, no one is wrong; we just are and can co-exist peacefully.  We don't need assign rightness or wrongness to anything.
Things and experiences just are.  We love all the experiences.  We love ourselves unconditionally.  We love from the heart.  We are love.  We radiate from our hearts so that others can be guided by that light.  The Path To Heal helps to give you the emotional support you may be seeking.  It provides the insight as to where this emotional stuckness may be originated, and energetically clear it with sound and crystal healing.  It can help you find relief and joy in your life again.

To schedule your session - introductory, Accelerated Package or other sessions based on time, please visit The Path To Heal page here.  Or contact Joanna directly at 215-272-6774


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