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Vegetable Flatbreads recipe

Joanna Chodorowska

I have a problem.
I like to eat healthy.
I like to make my own food....most of the time.
I can find time a couple of times a week to make homemade treats, like vegetable flatbreads.
Tried them on BF the other day to help him have healthy snacks at work.  And by golly, he really liked them!

So I made my vegetable flatbreads or crackers in the dehydrator yesterday afternoon when I had 30 minutes in between clients. vegetable flatbreads Great with soft cheese, avocado or probably Nutella!

Vegetable Flatbreads Recipe

- 2 medium zucchini, washed and diced
- 2 medium sweet potatoes, raw, washed, diced (preferably organic)
- 1 tsbp nutritional yeast powder
- 3 tablespoons flax seeds, soaked in twice as much water for 20 minutes
- 1/2-1 inch turmeric root (root not powder)
- 1/2 shallot

Place all ingredients into food processor.  Process until 266c1933-2edc-4792-93ce-4f3eb72530c3 smooth.
Spoon out onto teflon sheet of dehydrator.
Dehydrate for 12 hours at 105-110*F.  Remove crackers from teflon sheet, and return to dehydrator for another hour or so until dry (no longer moist).

Will keep for 2-3 months if dry.

Eat with goat cheese, Laughing Cow spreadable cheese, avocado or whatever tickles your fancy like Nutella, almond, cashew or peanut butter!  Or you can eat them plain.

You cannot find anything like this in any grocery store or online.  SO why not make them yourself? 06d9de96-dd64-420d-a204-b69d54cf8cf3
Great for athletes looking for a quick and healthy snack!  Or someone with blood sugar issues, or diabetes where balancing blood sugar without wheat or sugar is important.

NOTE:  I have no idea if this would work in a regular oven.

Next, I think I need to experiment with other vegetables like cauliflower, beets or open to suggestions.  Just email me your suggestions, and I am sure I will find something to make with it! or

Joanna Chodorowska is a sports nutrition coach helping you make healthier, real food options a part of your every day routine.  She works with athletes and non-athletes with their health issues, helping them connect the symptoms to the foods they eat.
For more information, please visit for a list of coaching services she provides.   Joanna is your partner in health!


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