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Facing your fears

Joanna Chodorowska

This past week I was in training for The Path To Heal which is wonderful energy healing modality.  It helps to identify the root causes of our fears and helps to energetically clear them so that we can create the life we want without the struggles we perceive as humanly necessary.

I had an epiphany of how to relate to those fears and how to move from fear to faith. Fear is like a weighted bowling ball .  it can weigh sometimes 300 pounds, while other times is it only 30 or only 3 pounds.  But these weights slow us down on our progressions to a happy, joyous life. Faith on the other hand is like a feather .  It is nearly weightless, and if you can have enough of them, you can almost fly effortlessly through life.

Our fears are like 300 bowling balls we are trying to carry across the river via stepping stones. In our minds, our fears block the ease of moving forward and skipping across the river like a child playing by moving the stones bowling ball on floor further apart.  The fears add weight, and you believe (or perceive?) you cannot leap that far! So you may not even try.
The fears stifle us in our progress to the other side of the river where we want to be.
We need to release the weights/fear, find our faith.

Faith acts like our feathers to help us fly .  Then we can float thru life without worries or fears and be in a state of happiness, bliss and fully connected to God and the Universe.  Without that connection and faith, we have fear.

This fear can be fear of failure, fear of success, fear of acceptance, fear of being alone, fear of criticism (like my family won't like my hair), fear of not fitting in, fear we do not deserve a better life, or we are not good enough or if we create something without the struggle, it will be quickly taken away from us.

These fears are actually illusions either from the past, or from the future in our minds where we bring them into the present and create the fear into a reality.  The fears are truly illusions. fear to faith bowling balls

We need to be able to take those bowling balls of fear, go any where we can find a 'bowling alley', and just let the ball roll without worrying about where that ball will fall.  It may hit a perfect strike, it may roll into the gutter.  It might fall off as you try to start your back swing to let it roll.  In either case, let it go.  You do not need to pick up the ball, hold it again and release it again down the alley.  Just let it go whichever way it goes.

The Path To Heal just allows that release of the bowling ball happen sooner.  There are many ways to clear the fears and no one way is the only way or the right way.  Some go to church and connect to God or Jesus.   Others do it without the confines of religion. faith bigger than fear

The Path To Heal helps connect you/us to God, separately and collectively. The Path To Heal helps clear the clears the interference so the connection is clearer and stronger.
Not everyone can connect to Jesus, so this helps bridge the gap.
It helps to clear the windshield of life so we can see clearer
where those stepping stone to get to the other side are, and show us that the distance is really not that far and we can easily skip across with faith and feathers like we are floating effortlessly.

If you feel like your fears need a little help to be cleared, please schedule a Path To Heal session or Accelerated Healing Package (6 x 30 minute sessions in 2 weeks) to give you the faith you are seeking.  Or call Joanna to schedule a session at 215-272-6774. They are fun and informative, yet very powerful.


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