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Listen to your heart

Joanna Chodorowska

This past month , I have been fighting with weight issues.  Yes,  I have gained 10 pounds and I am at a loss of where they came from.  (ok, some may be from muscle weight from re-engaging atrophied muscles after surgery...but what about the other 6?) I have helped countless clients lose weight.  One lost 11 pounds since December 1....I found 10 of them :(
I have not changed anything with eating.  Or with exercise.  And even the detox plan doesn't help me much.

So I thought I would listen to my heart (or my gut, intuition).  Look inside and see if I could find some answers.  I also have done many Path To Heal sessions to identify the blocks to why I was not losing weight.  And the need for Joy kept coming up.  I also found that I gained some weight to protect myself from meeting prospective mates who were only interested in the body I had.  When I am at my healthy weight, I am pretty attractive physically.  Well, hot might be what some guys call it.  But I want to find a life partner who could see me and beauty in me, not just in the body.

Well, that made sense when I listened to my heart and thought more about it.  I really didn't want to be just a physical attraction.  I wanted my strength, intelligence, laughter and inner beauty to be what people saw.  So I 'padded' myself to protect myself.  Good thing Path To Heal sessions clear that energy and subconscious thinking!

Hmm, I had lost the joy of cooking , the joy of eating , the j oy of t raining .  I took a tele-workshop last week on Listening to Your Inner Guide.  They asked me to ask my inner guide about a big challenge I had.  So I asked about the weight issue.....and it revealed that I was no longer having fun.  I need to find joy.   I am doing too much on my own.  Training in my basement.  Running by myself.  I just started tennis, so there is a partner activity!  I went to a few Bikram yoga classes but still kinda lonely.
I need to be social .  (and yes, I dropped a few pounds just from having a more social weekend!)

My heart/guide was saying ...go back to when you had adrenal exhaustion.  In order to get out of that funk, you needed to train with others. You cannot shine if you are alone. You cannot get hugs but from others.  (yes, you need hugs to be healthy!)
You cannot have fun just by yourself (although I am fully content on my own).

Here is almost the whole conversation when I listened to my heart (inner guide):

You just need joy - find your joy . inner child message
Look back at when you had your adrenal exhaustion and gained a lot of weight.
Look at what you find fun.
look for ways to be more social and socially connected (you mean Facebook is not enough??) This is the key to your losing weight .
You are too isolated.  Go to the gym and find your training partners so you find the joy in training . (and I go to the gym already....but only once a week to meet anyone)
You have the inspiration. You are just alone too much .
Find more circles to be a part of.
Find more people to feed your inner joy .
Being on your own has squelched your joy.
Find more friends for camaraderie.
Find partnership in all you do .
This is not a time to be alone but to with others.....eating, cooking (got bored with that!), teaching, presenting.... inner_child enthusiasm
Your inner child wants companionship .
Go to classes.  Go to MeetUps.  Even if you don't know anyone.
You shine when you are with others .  You cannot shine on your own.

Do not worry about you weight.  It will normalize to your healthy weight once you reconnect with your social circles.... your extra weight is your loneliness and lack of joy and fun .
Find fun and find yourself again. inner child out to play

So have you listened to your heart ?
What is your heart and inner guide telling you?

Joanna Chodorowska is a sports nutrition coach, and intuitive healer at Nutrition in Motion.  She helps clients get to the root of their issues with nutrition coaching, nutrition response testing, and intuitive healing using The Path To Heal.
To schedule a session with Joanna, please visit or connect with her on facebook , twitter or linkedin .


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