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How do I Discover My totem Animals?

GreyHawk Sutter

totem animals

I have been taught that we each have 9 totem animals Plus 2 that each "walk" on our right or male side and our left or female side.
note: i find it interesting also that when working with any kind of energy I was taught the Energy enters us on our left side (closest to our heart) and "exits" through our right side. I was further taught that when gifting someone especially gifts that are Spirit(ual) in nature or made with Intent for a specific individual be given left to left hand while clasping with the right hands. This sort of "completes" a gift given heart to heart.

I personally "discovered" my 9 totem animals using the Medicine Cards Animal deck by Jamie Sams and David Carson
This is a wonderful tool that I use often. Each of these Animals or "Relations" have their own Lessons to impart to those willing to Look and Listen. note: the Totem spread is generally considered to be a One time Lesson by many but there is also a school of thought that our totem Animals change during this EarthWalk as we Learn the Lessons of each one that we need to Grow Spiritually. To each his/her OWN.

The two that are called our Right/Male side and Left/Female side and are~ to Me anyway~ the 2 that Walk/Fly with me at all times on this EarthWalk. They are the Red-Tailed Hawk (left) and the Bear(right).

How do I know these two? In my case I have "seen" Bear walking by my right side and Hawk has perched on my left shoulder. I have also "traveled" in Hawk form once when I needed to get a message to a person I know. ~ and WOW what a feeling flying is!! and looking around out of the sides of my head instead of forward when in my Own two-legged form!

Your two Medicine Animals or Guides/Protectors can come to your attention in many ways. You might physically SEE a particular Animal quite often in this Your EarthWalk and you Feel an Affinity with the animal. You may ask to meet them in the DreamTime. Meditation is another Way to Learn about yours. I have sort of intuitively just Known for so many years that I have no real recollection of how/when mine appeared to me~ it just felt like I have always had them by each side (and they have!!).

Here is link I found particularly interesting.

All Our Reltaions ~ Mitakuye Oyasin~ have Lessons for us to Learn about ourSelves and this EarthWalk we are all on right at this "moment in time".


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