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Feature Holistic Artist for July: Jayleigh Lewis ...

Joy Clarkson

Jayleigh's purpose is to work intuitively, to assist people in putting together symbolic objects, and actions that facilitate their moving forward with intent, whether that intent is personal, or a public marking of a transition in their lives. She has been developing this work for the past 3 years, and now offers phone sessions for $55 each (lasting anywhere from half an hour to an hour), which includes an intuitive card reading, and an offering of one or more rituals which might be done to integrate, and carry forward the guidance from the reading. She has been working with tarot, and oracle cards as an intuitive tool for about 11 years, and has been a participant, and sometimes leader of group ritual within women's spirituality groups for approximately the same length of time. After she got her Masters Degree in Holistic Counseling from Salve Regina University (also studied Expressive and Creative Arts and Holistic Leadership), she chose to begin developing this work, but it is only within the past few months. She combines her ritual knowledge, and experience with her intuitive work. She also has developed other modalities, such as sacred circle dance for groups, and has an interest in eventually bringing in dreamwork and storytelling. She feels that the rituals that we need are drawn to us by our intent, and that ritual has the power to connect, heal, and transform as well as help us celebrate what moves in our lives.

She is located in Rhode Island, but doesn't yet have an office space. She offers phone sessions, after which she emails you pictures of the cards that came up in your reading, as well as a write-up of the ritual(s) she suggests, or, if you prefer, she is willing to travel limited distances to meet with you in a space of your choosing. She can be reached at , or 401-484-0703.


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