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Special for April: Pranic Aura Clearings

Joy Clarkson

When thinking about the word "pranic", or "prana", think of the word "life force", or our life force energy...

Sometimes in life we get stressed out, find ourselves emotionally stuck, and/ or we take on energy from others, or places we go, really cluttering our auras, making us heavier, sometimes depressed, not having enough clarity, energy, or space for ourselves to breathe, and we need something to clean up our vibrations, to lighten the load, helping us feel alive again.

What is an aura some might wonder? Well, we have our physical bodies, and the esoteric body, the one we can't always see, but surrounds our physical body, but still picks up on stuff around us, affecting us in different ways. Our aura is like our energetic feelers, or personal space, and depending on who the person is, we might experience an inward aura, outward aura, or the balance between the two, which is what you ultimately want. Sometimes an aura that is really in, is someone who is introverted a lot, a person who tends to isolate themselves a lot, not socialize very much, but then there are extroverts, where their auras are expansive, but they can tend to exhaust themselves easy, from doing to much. A healthy aura is just enough in, just enough out, neutral. That can be achieved by meditation, yoga, and sometimes bodywork.

A Pranic Aura Clearing is not a physical hands on experience, but more so working with your esoteric body, also known as your aura. This treatment takes place in my massage studio, you are fully clothed, either standing, or sitting. The process is scanning the aura to see where you have denser energy, which is the negative energy that's weighing you down, cluttering your vibration. After a scanning, your dense, or any negative energy is cleared away into a bucket of cold water with sea salt to dissolve it. Once I feel you are clear, I will spray you with either a lavender, or eucalyptus, maybe lemon spritz for cooling. Most people experience a lightness, or clarity, or feeling more freer, within their being after. A Pranic Aura Clearing can last either 20 mins-40 mins. Its $40 flat rate no matter the time I spend on you.

If interested in a session with me, call 774-922-3383.



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