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Oneness from a 7yrs old perspective

Amelie St-Pierre

The oneness concept from a 7 yrs perspective

Divinity oracle card I was walking in the forest by my house with my daughter. I love forests. I feel forests have so much life and vibrancy. Even the dead trees and leaves, and the needle covered path feel alive. You can hear the songs of birds and the wind rustling through the leaves, but there is a sort of stillness within all that life buzzing.

So my daughter, who’s 7, starts to explain to me how everything in life is connected. And what she said blew my mind! It was so simple, yet so profound.

She told me that everything was connected because our feet touch the ground and the ground touch this tree and that tree and through touching something, we touch everything.

How’s that for a life lesson! And it doesn’t need to be more complicated than that.

I asked her where she got that idea from, and she said her brain :-)

Most of us have heard that nature is an ecosystem. An ecosystem is a community of elements dependant on each other.

We need the bees to pollinate the flowers in order to have fruits to nourish our bodies, etc.

So why do we sometimes feel we are not important? Sure there are billions of us, but we are important to our small ecosystem. You and me affect the life of at least one person, known or unknown to us.

You and I touch the same ground, breathe the same air and matter to one or more person. You are important. Your life is important. Your smile and your inner light is important. Your health and joy is important. Your love and compassion, not only for others but for yourself as well, is utterly important.

I’d like to propose a challenge for the week to come. I’d like for us to do something special for ourself everyday for one week. This can be burning the candles we keep for a special occasion, using your expensive linens, wearing your sexy lingerie, eating your favourite desert, buying yourself flowers, etc…

Just so we acknowledge how special we are and that we don’t need a special occasion or date to remind us of that truth.

About the author

Amelie help people release untreated emotions and negative energies that constrict and restrict their ability to tap into their true potential. Combining her intuitive skills and her energy healing abilities she guides courageous soul through their personal struggles into personal empowerment.


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