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How to Prepare for a Healing Session

Amelie St-Pierre

Louis Pasteur Quote on background How to Prepare for a Healing Session

Although it is not a requirement to prepare for a healing session it would benefit you to follow a few of these tips.

1 - Mindset

Your mindset can have tremendous impact on the results you desire. You can read the previous blog post Difference between therapy and healing to understand the responsibility you have in the healing outcome.

The mindset you have prior to the session can influence the effectiveness of the healing. Are you open to receiving a healing ? Are you open to see a change in your life? Or are you coming with a defeatist attitude, thinking it won't work and you're wasting your time?

If you have the later attitude, you are definitely wasting your time as you might push away any transformation that wish to occur within.

I'm not saying that you cannot have some reserve or that you can't be skeptical. It's healthy to inquire and have some reserve.

[blockquote align="center" cite="Chinese Proverb"]Unless you change your direction, you will end up where you are headed.[/blockquote]

2 - Go Within

Take a moment to sit in silence a few days before the time set to reflect on your intention for the session. How would you like to feel? Who would you like to be? What would you like to see transformed?

As you quiet your mind, take a moment to notice if a deeper message surface. Is your body speaking to you? If your pain could speak to you, what would it say?

3 - Drink Water

Try drinking a glass of water before and after the session. A lot of clients report being thirsty during or at the end of the session.

4 - Plan to Take it Easy

It is best if you try to relax or take it easy for the rest of the day. You might feel a bit emotional or tired after the session or in a very relaxed state. Reduce activities that demands a lot of energy, eat wholesome food and get some rest.

In the End

Although you should expect results even you don't follow these guidelines, these 4 littles steps will help you make the most of your healing session.

  • Open Mindset

  • Set an intention and go within

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Take it easy

If you would like to work on an a physical or emotional issue and a healing session is for you, read my Emotional Release page to see if this method is for you. I also do Reiki and Reflexology .

If you are not quite ready for a healing session, but would like some help with managing your stress, enter your name and email below to receive my free report on the best iPhone apps for stress relief.

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