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Radical Forgiveness - Book Review

Amelie St-Pierre

Radical Forgiveness - Book Review

If you've been wondering why it seems the same situation keeps happening to you in different forms or if you carry any sort of anger or resentment towards someone this book is for you.

This book changed my life and I'm not exaggerating. After I read Radical forgiveness my life changed dramatically. A cold I was having with my neighbour for no apparent reason suddenly ceased. I stopped attracting the same kind of guys in my life that were only creating drama and frustration. My self-esteem and confidence increased. I started feeling more in control of my life.

Wherever you are in your quest to healing, spirituality or growth this book will meet you. You don't even need to fully believe in the theory or the process, as long as you are a little bit open it can have a big impact in your life.

Are you still filled with anger or resentment towards a person or situation? Do you wish you could forgive, but you just can't? This book will open your eyes to a new possibility. A possibility for these emotions to be released even if you don't feel ready or don't see how you could let them go.

This book is definitely a must read, even if your life is going well and you feel you have no anger towards anybody or anything at the moment. It is not only a book, but a practical tool to heal from any situation and prevent negative emotion to fester unconsciously.


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