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Achieving those New Year's resolutions at last ...

Amelie St-Pierre

Achieving those New Year's resolutions at last

Step 4 - How Accountability Can Help You

Pride can be a virtue (in some case)

Let’s be honest here… most of us work differently when we have someone watching us and tracking our progress. It’s human nature, we like it when it’s easy. And it’s a lot easier to swerve to the easy, most travelled path when no one is watching us. But when we know we will have to report to an authority figure, we think twice about the steps we take. It’s human nature too, we are often driven by pride. Pride can be a good thing when it’s helping us achieve what we desire.

Having accountability over our goals makes all the difference. Think about it for a moment… Imagine your New Year's resolutions and yourself trying to keep up your word and accomplish those goals. You will have some setbacks, interruptions, distractions that will come up. Now imagine having to report to someone your progress, how does it feel? Do you feel like having to come up with excuses to someone is more difficult than if you didn't have to report your progress?

If you had to report that you didn’t quite made the effort that week, would you think twice and keep your word? Do you feel you might try harder? Do you feel like failing could just not be an option?

That little negative self-talk will come up as you are working towards your goal. And chances are, it will come up with a bunch of excuses for giving up. Don't get sucked into them.

That is when having a commitment to yourself, your goals, and your word is a key to success.

Reach out to reach your goal

By being accountable to someone on a daily or weekly basis, you set yourself up to success. But you have to reach out to the right person. You will need to find someone who will love you or care enough to make you accountable. To be sometimes brutally honest when it gets tough or when you are making up excuses.

However, that person should also cheer you up and help you stay positive. She should celebrate your success with you when you reach your goal. That person should be someone who has your best intentions at heart even when the going get tough. You don't always need someone who's been down the same path because everyone is unique. But if you have specific goals that require expertise, it might be helpful to find someone who's made those mistakes. An expert who know the quickest way to successfully achieve what you desire.

Keys to success : Schedule your accountability meetings right away. If it's daily or weekly make sure it's in your agenda and the check in is set at the same time everyday or every week. Sometime, a 10 minutes check in is enough.

Questions to contemplate

Who can help me attain my goals? Do I need expert advise?

Please share your thoughts, what works for you, and your tips to achieve success with your New Year's resolutions.


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