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Achieving those new year's resolutions at last ...

Amelie St-Pierre

Achieving those New Year's resolutions at last

Step 3 - How to Focus and Visualize Success

Are you juggling too many goals at once?

It’s the New Year, have you made resolutions this year? Do you make New Year's resolutions every year without really committing to achieving them? Is that statement true for you : Every year is the same, you want to see some change, but you fail come February…?

One of the reason people fail at achieving their goals is because they just have too many to sustain them. How many goals have you thought of for this year?

Previously, I talked about knowing the reason for the change and having attainable goals, but if you have too many goals you might be bound to failure.

Changing one thing can be hard, so wanting to change multiple aspects of your life at the same time can take you down the path of overwhelm and discouragement. I know you have grand ideas of how you want your life and yourself to be and you should! However, focusing on one goal, one habit, one skill at a time will help you canalize your energy instead of spreading it in many directions at a time.

Continuous happiness

Challenges, success and expansion can bring inner happiness that material can't. A millionaire can feel like a failure even with all the money in his bank account, but success and achievement will make you feel like a million.

To create an endless flow of happiness you must have achievable goals, big enough to stretch you out of your comfort zone little by little on a continuous basis. Instead of having multiple goals at once, why not have a calendar of goals, where you establish a goal per month you want to accomplish and you'll have a successful year.

30 day challenge

The other reason why having smaller goals is important is that we are not patient by nature. When we want something we want it now. We get distracted by everything and can easily loose sight of why we are doing a certain thing. Your willpower is just not strong enough to sustain too much wait. So this year, I would like to challenge you to one 30 day challenge per month. They say it takes 21 days to create a new habit, so why not create a new and empowering habit per month. That will set you up for growth and achievement instead of overwhelm and discouragement.

As previously mentioned, your goal should be small enough that is could be done in 30 days. Having a goal that would take longer than 30 days might feel too out of reach. If your New Year's resolutions are too big to be achieved in 30 days, how can you chunk them down in little stepping-stone goals that can be each achieved in 30 days?

Once you have created an habit after the 30 days, you can then add another one of your goal or another stepping-stone towards a bigger goal.

Visualization is not only for Olympic athletes

Being able to see yourself achieving the result you want will make or break it. You have to feel you can do it in order to achieve it. Visualize yourself having reached that result every time you do something towards your goal.

When you truly feel you can do it and feel the emotion that getting there will give you, you empower your whole self to make it happen. Have you ever heard of 'Fake it until you make it'? Well it's being scientifically proven. And I think this quote by Amy Cuddy is even better : 'Fake it until you become it'.

A research was conducted to look at Olympic athletes performance and a group that received 25% physical training and 75% mental training performed better than the group who did only physical training. This highlights how important the mental aspect of success is. Something so accessible to anyone should be part of anybody's routine as much as brushing one's teeth.

Questions to contemplate

Are your New Year's resolutions small enough to be attained in 30 days? Do I have a challenge per month? Can I truly see myself achieving the result I want?

Please share your thoughts, what works for you, and your tips to achieve success with you New Year resolutions.


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