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Feel The Joy!

Catherine Hession

Like to feel more Joy in your Life?

We are often so caught up in routine and analytical thinking that we forget to make time for Joy. Somewhere along the path of life we dropped the 'fun in the moment' aspect of ourselves in an attempt to appear “grown up”. Well why not start growing back down again and getting in touch with the Joy that already exists inside of you and is just dying to be acknowledged and given the space to exist and be expressed. Start today. Take a deep breath. Let go of the serious stuff. Change gear in your brain. Allow yourself to feel the Joy!

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Skip instead of walking
  2. Throw some snow balls
  3. Jump over the waves at the beach
  4. Feel the sun on your face
  5. Smile at people for no reason
  6. Find a joke and tell it to everyone you meet today
  7. Take a canvas and splatter it with paint
  8. Use your hands more, get them dirty
  9. Dance in the rain
  10. Sing out loud to your favourite songs
  11. Be a child again
  12. Feel gratitude
  13. What would you Love to do?
  14. What do you do?

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