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Sacred Strength

Esme Carino

Your sacred strength may be your weakness.  Go deep into the place where you feel most lost.  Where you feel abandoned by Source and bring love to it.  You will understand more fully why you have this lesson.  There are no mistakes.  You are not a victim.  Humility will follow you.  The pieces of your life will come together and you will begin to see the beauty in all of it.  Do not become attached to being a victim but constantly find your center and devise a way to remain there.

Miracle healings occur once you summon the bravery you are made of.  Always look deeper into yourself to discover your love.  Your love of life will surface and you can reveal in the connection you have fostered with the fullest understanding of your being.  The world will bring you many opportunities to test your resolve.  Each time you must reconnect to that quiet space within you.  There will not be any experience that will not bring you closer to Source.  It is all a way to experience the love and light that brought you here.


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