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The Love Surrounds YOU

Esme Carino


I, Archangel Michael and my Legion, ask for you to trust that we are here helping in every way to protect your heart as you open wider in your relationships.  This includes your relationship to your self.  Can you find the trust in your energetic vibration to allow the energy to work for you?  Can you just BE yourself without any excuses for your truth?  The daily work IS this alone.  As a Divine expression of Source, your unique version of Source energy is the only one of its kind.  Although you are of a larger Monadic family that has signed up for service in the same venue, your life experience and personal attachments make the energy you bring to any situation uniquely your own.  Imagine, for a moment, Dear One, if you were not here.  That would affect all the projects and relationships you are affiliated with.  You are very valuable.  Do Not underestimate your dedication to the personal truth you hold in your heart.


Feel, with all your heart, the Love that surrounds you right now.  Feel the presence of the Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Mary and Jesus who bathe you in the Light and Love of the Divine every moment of everyday.  Find security in this memory of connection.  It will heal the fear of abandonment you experience during the birth process, placing your energy into physical form.  You are never alone.  Source has not created you to leave you to fend for yourself to battle the Darkness allowed on the planet.  It is all free will.  You may, at every moment, choose to participate with the Darkness or choose to find the connection to Love that surrounds you everyday.  It is a choice in perception.  You can choose to see the world as a place filled with misery and strife or choose to see the generosity and support available, manifesting this Love through your interactions with other humans, plants and animals.


You may ask to be granted the wisdom and creativity to see your miracles in new and unexpected ways.  No matter the task at hand, know that the guidance is here for you to move through each challenge with grace.  Meditating daily to find and keep your peace during this energetic transition on Earth is essential to be able to receive the guidance we have waiting for you.  When you work to hard in finding the answer through your own perspective, you are very limited to the scope of your imagination and experience.  We can see the bigger picture, allow us to open your heart to a life of faith in the flow of All That Is.


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