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Does cooking at HOME matter?

Rev. Maritday Rodriguez CH HC

Hello hello Hello! It time for another post from me, Ama’ritday, the Sacred Health Doula !
Anyone who knows me knows I am a super foodie. I love to taste smell feel cook it all! This video makes my heart sing. I really want to savor the flavors that can be experienced by the palette and unless I am allergic I going to enjoy!

Fast Food Low Down -
Being cooked for with love vs cooked for profit
Increased salt fat & sugar
Cheap & Attractive
Activates cravings
Eat food that aren’t so healthful because they are readily available
Encourages obesity and disease through convenience

Michael Pollan (award-winning Food Author, “ Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation “, “ In Defense of Food “, “ The Omnivore’s Dilemma ” and “ Food Rules “)Says that we can eat what we love in moderation. Fast Food Convenience is what takes the safety out of nutrition. Check out this video.

[embedded content]

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