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Living Life From A Healthy Stand Point ...

Rev. Maritday Rodriguez CH HC

Choosing to eat good healthy food is something we choose. It's a CHOICE.

How do we really challenge ourselves? Starting in the your cabinets ~ purge the unhealthy foods (high in sodium sugar fat preservatives & food colorings) know your ingredients and re-learn (or learn for the first time) how to cook from scratch. Every time I do this the results are so pleasing to the palate, so why do I struggle?

If I really think about it, It all just comes down to planning. Yep good old time fashioned management and prepping ahead makes this healthy lifestyle a bit more simple. As I look back on the past three years, the items I make on a regular basis used to elude me but now have become second nature.

It's the dinner menu that gets me most often…as a self proclaimed “Domestic Eco Goddess or DEG” my duties include but are not limited to; keep house, laundry, food, pets, and most of all, our children on point. By the end of my day I am whipped and the thought of creating a healthy delicious meal sends me- wanting to ring up the nearest take out joint.

If only I had thought ahead!

Thankfully this doesn’t happen much anymore, so we are definitely cooking with gas.(pun intended)

WTG Moi!

When I do plan ahead I feel more tranquil and my home runs without a hiccup. So if you are like me and struggle sometimes, pick yourself up and start again.

At least we are heading in the right direction~forward not back.

Bon Appetite!!!


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