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Shawna Pelton
2 Reviews
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13 Years in Practice
Beverly, MA

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Holistic health practitioner since 2001, Boston native Shawna shares tools for transformational healing.

Specializing in helping people who are emotionally struggling in life or healing from hard to treat physical health issues (including chronic lyme infections). Working with a variety of tools for restoring optimal health, including:
  • BioPhoton Therapy
  • Hypnosis
  • Energy Clearings & Reiki
  • Nutritional & Herbal support
  • Spiritual Counseling
Shawna's life purpose is to inspire health, happiness & harmony.
AWAKENING the well-spring of health at the pure core of us ALL.
  • Heal the root cause of chronic health issues
  • Clear wounded relationship patterns or old resentments
  • Undo the habit of self sabotaging thoughts, behaviors or addictions
  • Gracefully move through emotional wounds of trauma & drama
  • Alleviate feelings of Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Anger
Learn the tools that offer you a way...not just out, but UP! Rise above your circumstances to EXPAND HEALTH & LOVE YOUR LIFE!

Call today to schedule a FREE 20 minute consultation / cell 813-966-0164
New Harmony Wellness Center, Beverly MA 978-922-3030

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    2 Reviews

    Shawna speaks and treats from her heart and soul. She is incredibly knowledge able about her trade, and the very sound of her voice is soothing. Shawna co tiniest to learn on a daily basis. She has the interest of her client as her priority at all times.
    - Noreen Manning 1/27/14
    Shawna is a world class healer.
    - Chris Whitcoe 1/22/14

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