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Adam Coutts
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12 Years in Practice
Berkeley, CA


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I love helping people feel a deeper spaciousness and peacefulness, to know themselves more authentically and with greater self-awareness, to catch up with themselves and to stop spinning so fast, to feel more real and alive, and to realize a deeper truth. I enjoy providing support and guidance towards having meditation and mindfulness be a richer part of a deep and clear life.

I have been meditating daily since 1989 and have lived as a Buddhist monk for four years in America and Asia. I have taught an eight-week meditation class since 2002.  I also provide one-on-one mindfulness-based coaching, drawing on my extensive training in various modalities of personal growth.

In my classroom teaching, I bring a quick mind and a wide array of knowledge to my responses to student's questions. I also express a dry wit that keeps learning lively and a rapid insight that powerfully gets to the heart of student's questions and provide individualized practices.

In my individual work, I provide support and encouragement to make positive changes in life. I listen carefully and with compassion, ask questions that invite insight, and provide clear, honest, and direct feedback that can help you to develop your life from where you are now towards becoming who it is that you want to become

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