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Rev. Maritday Rodriguez CH HC
Wading Through The Organic Maze....
I found this article in Skin Inc magazine! I really think understanding what the term organic means helps us to make better product choices as consumers & Aestheticians! I have posted both parts for your convenience. Deciphering Organic, Part 1 By: Leslie Lyon and Marilyn Patterson Posted: January 29, 2010, from the February 2010 issue of Skin Inc. Magazine. Find this article at: Deciphering Organic, Part 1 | People desire a healthy environment rather than one that they need to be protected from, and because of thi... Read More
Ingrid Oliphant
Birthdays and Suicides
"Your staying alive means so much more than you really know or that anyone is aware of at this moment." ~ Jennifer Michael Hecht “ Sometimes even to live is an act of courage .” ~ Seneca I celebrated my 45th birthday this past Saturday.  Outside the fact that it didn't have the kind of 'zip' I thought a 45th birthday should have (I mean, I shaved my legs and everything!), it was a fine day filled with horses, sunshine, friends, vodka (the good stuff, even) and cheese nibblin's. ... Read More
Sarah Barrett Lepore
having heart
"the only thing we have to fear is…fear itself." Franklin D. Roosevelt HEART vs HEAD by sarah barrett lepore Opening the channel between the heart and the head is a large task in our current life pace. We typically aren't taught to listen to our hearts with much regard. We allow the almighty brain to rule our every decision, big or small. The rational thinking mind is so valued, and of course it's valuable, however there must be opportunity to allow the heart to lead alongside the brain.... Read More
Brenda Tobin-Flood
If your pet suffers from cancer, it’s vital to keep them as healthy as possible with an excellent nutrition program. It’s a critical time to really read your pet food labels and feed only holistic and organic ingredients.  One of the best ways to keep your pet’s diet healthy is to avoid high-carbohydrate foods, sugar or processed commercial ingredients. Amino acids are an essential dietary component for dogs and cats, but cancer cells often feed on amino acids first and leave your pet with a nutritional deficit. You can offset this by feeding your pet plenty ... Read More
David Murphy
The New Rules of Posture. Get this book!
If you've already done the series, are thinking about coming in for a Hellerwork series or just want to know how you can improve your posture, this is a fantastic book. It's called The New Rules of Posture by Mary Bond and I'm recommending it to anyone starting the 11 session Hellerwork series. The New Rules of Posture is filled with fantastic body oriented exercises that come from Mary Bond's 25 years of experience as a Rolfer, Rolf Movement Therapist and Dancer. Many of the exercises are similar to ones I practice with clients in a ... Read More
Stacy Hill
Mabon Dark Moon
Mabon came in this morning at 5:35 am.  I felt the dark blanket gently land over me this morning.  I had planned to do a little something, along the gratitude line.  I got up, got my girl up for school then sat on the couch listening to the weather.  My head became heavy, some times I do doze before I have to get my youngest up, but this time I was out! I mean OUT!  It felt like a dark blanket was placed on me and off to dream time I was.  The Dark Moon is just around the ... Read More
Anne Baker
Protect yourself naturally by improving GUT flora Part Two
We have four hundred to five hundred types of bacteria living in our intestinal tract. Some of these are good bacteria and some of these are bad bacteria. When we eat properly the ratio of good to bad bacteria remains around 85% good to 15% bad. Most Americans don't have nearly enough of the good bacteria. Now let's discuss what you can do to to improve your good gut flora. I. Add probiotics to your daily diet and supplement regime - Probiotics not only make it harder for the bad bacteria to overtake the good bacteria, which helps strengt... Read More
Rev. Maritday Rodriguez CH HC
Cosmetics Companies Beware! FDA is watching you!
Make sure your labels are legit! The FDA is coming down on Illegal false anti-aging claims on cosmetics! check it out! FDA to Take Up Major Enforcement Action Against Cosmetics Manufacturers With Illegal “Anti-Aging” Labeling Claims, According to, LLC. FDA to Take Up Major Enforcement Action Against Cosmetics Manufacturers With Illegal “Anti-Aging” Labeling Claims, According to, LLC Read More
Anne Baker
Want clearer, better skin? Read this!
Are you plagued with blemishes, acne, rosacea, itchy, dry skin, psoriasis, eczema and wonder if the food you eat might have something to do with your condition? Examine your diet: Acne and rosacea can certainly be aggravated by insulin resistance problems. This creates chronic inflammation and increases oxidative stress in the body. Beside having too much sugar and sugar containing foods in your diet you also need to consider how much of your diet is coming from carbohydrates; especially grains like bread, p... Read More
Rev. Maritday Rodriguez CH HC
So how do I care for my skin , you ask? I have the answer!
Your skin is your largest living organ. It is our first line of defense against infection & disease.It is continuously turning over new cells. However as we age this process slows down. The outer most layer, the epidermis, is equal to the thickness of 7 sheets of paper, the eye & mouth area being equal to one. It consists of a protective layer of skin cells that continually shed and give way to new cells. Under the epidermis are the dermis & hypodermis, layers that will produce the elastin, oil and collagen, necessary to give your skin strengt... Read More
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