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Anne Baker
Menopausal Hot Flashes and CNS neurotransmition linked
Could relief be as easy as simple amino acid supplementation? Women around the world experience vasomotor symptoms (hot flashes) as they enter and complete the menopause transition. Hot flashes, are caused by a narrowing of the thermoneutral zone in the brain. This effect, once thought strictly related to to estrogen withdrawal, is most likely related to changes in central nervous system neurotransmitters. The latest development in management of hot flashes indicates that selective serotonin and selective nor epinephrine reuptake inhibit... Read More
Rev. Maritday Rodriguez CH HC
Finding Balance In 2014
Finding Balance In 2014 Is your life feeling out of balance? No matter what we use as criteria when it comes to experiencing balance in our lives, we have certain needs that need to be filled throughout our lives and the more balanced our fulfillment of these needs, the smoother our boat will sail and the closer to balance we will get. IIN calls it primary foods Maslow called it a hierarchy of needs Anthony Robbins called it a wheel I call it a bliss. ... Read More
Nathan Oxenfeld
Mind and Vision: Retrain the Brain
Did you know that you do not see with your eyes? The eyes are simply organs that receive light. This light strikes the retina and sends impulses through the optic nerve to the visual cortex in the back of the brain, which interprets these signals. So you do not see with your eyes, but rather with your mind. According to Dr. Bates, vision is approximately 90% mental and only 10% physical. This further solidifies the fact that the Bates Method is different than simply performing eye exercises . Much more emphasis is placed on the m... Read More
Pamir Kiciman, BA, RM, CHt.
Waterfalls as Metaphor for Oneness
And now for a completely different tradition of poetry and spirituality; a little haiku and Zen. When you get down to it though, the truths are the same. Different flavors of ice cream are still ice cream. I've featured the haiku of Mitsu Suzuki here before. She wasn't only a haiku poet, but wife to Shunryu Suzuki Roshi, and with him played an important role in bringing Zen Buddhism to North America. First a couple of her haiku written in the summer months, then a spiritual teaching from Suzuki Roshi based on his visit to Yosemite National Park ... Read More
Bogdan Chugunov
Manuka Honey Scientific Research result
PMID: 18688794 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] Phytother Res. 2008 Nov;22(11):1511-9. doi: 10.1002/ptr.2523. Effect of different doses of Manuka honey in experimentally induced inflammatory bowel disease in rats. Prakash A1, Medhi B, Avti PK, Saikia UN, Pandhi P, Khanduja KL. Author information Abstract To evaluate the effect of different doses of Manuka honey in experimentally induced inflammatory bowel disease in rats. Adult Wistar rats of either sex were used (n = 30). Colitis was induced by a single intracoloni... Read More
Pamir Kiciman, BA, RM, CHt.
ITP - PDSA's Annual Conference and Reiki
“The Healing Power of Reiki” – Pamir Kiciman, BA, RM, CHt An overlooked aspect of health is a sense of wellness despite symptoms. Even with an ongoing condition, it's possible to be functional and happy in daily living. Every person has a set of principles, a foundation to live by, which brings meaning and purpose to life. Sometimes this foundation becomes a little shaky. Reiki is a way of living that brings back a sense of peace with oneself and harmony with one's surroundings. It provides wisdom in here-and-now difficulties and is a resource ... Read More
Margaret Vaillancourt
Massage and Bodywork Magazine for the Visually Impaired
Back to Massage and Bodywork Issue List January/February 2009 Issue Back to January/February 2009 Article List Victims Speak Out Insights on Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence By Audra Hixson [Feature] Through my years offering massage therapy to survivors of sexual and domestic violence, I’ve seen the tremendous emotional, physical, and spiritual impact of these interventions. Could this be an avenue of healing for others? Could the therapeutic experiences of these once bruised and battered women offer comfort or, better... Read More
Pamir Kiciman, BA, RM, CHt.
The Heart as a brain
From Joseph Chilton Pierce, author of "The Crack in the Cosmic Egg": Molecular biologists have discovered that the heart is the body's most important endocrine gland. In response to our experience of the world, it produces and releases a major hormone, ANF that profoundly affects every operation in the limbic structure, or what we refer to as the "emotional brain." This includes the hippocampal area where memory and learning take place, and also the control centers for the entire hormonal system. Neurocardiologists have found that 60 to 65% of the cells of t... Read More
Pamir Kiciman, BA, RM, CHt.
Teachings from the Natural world
If you are new here or haven’t subscribed yet, please subscribe via email . You can also friend me on Twitter . Recently I reviewed an excellent book on Shintoism on this blog. This is a nature-derived teaching and practice. There's also quite a bit of environmental and ecological content here. For the first time I also shared a channeled message two postings ago: The Error of Ways for all of humanity. There it explains that I've been a conscious channel for fifteen yea... Read More
Rev. Maritday Rodriguez CH HC
How to Be Happy – Some Helpful Hints
1. Be attentive to yourself. Avoid the media i.e newspapers, telly etc they just inform you of all the unhappy and negative things that are going on around the world and in other peoples’ lives. 2. Live in the now, the moment. 3. You cannot change the past so do not worry about it. 4. You cannot predict the future so don’t worry about it. 5. Realize you cannot change other people, so either accept them for who they are or gravitate towards those who do make you happy. 6. Exercise. You don’t have to be wonder ... Read More
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