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Pamir Kiciman, BA, RM, CHt.
International Day of Peace Sept 21
Message of the Secretary-General Peace is one of humanity’s most precious needs. It is also the United Nations’ highest calling. It defines our mission. It drives our discourse. And it draws together all of our worldwide work, from peacekeeping and preventive diplomacy to promoting human rights and development. This work for peace is vital. But it is not easy. Indeed, in countless communities across the world, peace remains an elusive goal. From the displaced person camps of Chad and Darfur to the byways of Baghdad, the quest for peace is strewn wi... Read More
Pamir Kiciman, BA, RM, CHt.
Self and Divine
The Self is a spark of the Divine; the me-of-today a spark of the Self. I knew nothing of the bridge between me, Self and Divine. Experience separated me further and further, until I was sure I was me. Now this me stifles and hurts. This me stubbornly asserts its rightful existence. © Pamir Kiciman 2007 Read More
Lucie Monroe
September Tapping Circle
Dear EFT friends, The great thing about tapping is that the more you do it, the more it works. Your resistance to stress greatly improve overtime and you find yourself taking things with ease that you never even considered would ever be easy for you. And September is definitely one of these times of the year when stress just piles up, unsolicited. Kick the stress back with a round of group tapping this Sunday. Whether you want to benefit from a potent group synergy, give EFT a try, or cut the costs down, this tapping circle will deliver the healing ... Read More
Ingrid Oliphant
Money Matters
Today, no matter what it takes, we ride home together.  ~ Brian Andres It really does. When we live in a state of poverty, we are imprisoned by the limitations of need. Health, food and shelter provide feelings of safety. Safety allows us to feel vulnerable, creates the capacity to feel hope and share that with others. I began the day by asking someone to pay me for services rendered and explained the impact of delay which included "a level of stress that shuts me down physically and energetically. It creates an avenue for me to second guess my committment and ... Read More
David Murphy
Sitting may be bad for your health
You probably didn’t need me to tell you this, but now there’s scientific evidence to support the idea that sitting for long periods changes your metabolism in negative ways. If you still aren’t convinced, check out the recent NY times article . We might be a long way off from a Surgeon General Warning on sitting, but one thing is certain, sitting with poor posture has a negative effect on wakefulness and for most people leads to poor posture. For more on how to sit in a relaxed way with balanced posture, check out my earlier blog . Read More
Liza (Aurelia) Hunter
To the soreness in the middle of my soul
To the soreness in the middle of my soul. I wrap my arms around your shaking body. The pain cannot be so much that you cannot see the beauty. This grief consumes your presence and fogs the glass. Soon you will break that mirror, smashing the reflection into infinite shards that will hold the image of shock. And in that moment, the mirror has broken and the heart shall open. Divine love floods in. The unfolding of the divine beauty of the journey through sorrow, through tears and anger, and the suffering heart. You build new... Read More
Vala Fawn
Hear Your Heart's Song
I recently rediscovered, with much depth, my passion for "the fairy world". This excitement is intertwined with the love for being vibrant and healthy. These two subjects go hand in hand with the collection & use of medicinal herbs and living as near to the earth as possible. Today as we are approaching new times ahead in which our perspectives get to shift far beyond our scope of imagination. "Enjoy the ride", I have been saying, a phrase that taught me to shift my perspectives back in 2007 while living on a farm in Hawaii, (WWOOFing-"willing worker on organic fa... Read More
Anne Baker
Eating Local: A Guide to What's In Season
Shopping farm markets is a great way to support local farmers and cottage industry food purveyors. Many people enjoy the experience of these open air markets and truly believe they are purchasing only local produce. While I wish this were true, this is not always the case. In fact many products are actually shipped in from other states; especially early in the season. How do you know if what you're buying is locally grown? ... Read More
Stacy Hill
Feeling stuck?
I have gotten several emails about when will be my next, there has been so much going on that I havent had a chance to.  So many things happening, people going through a multitude of things and wow this energy!! One common thing I keep seeing is people running from things in their lives.  This can be just about anything:  Spirituality, relationships, YOU, or even health issues.  You have to face these things.  They will keep showing up until you deal with them.   People also seem to be feeling dizzy, light headed, seeming like di... Read More
Ingrid Oliphant
PTSD and me
[youtube] I used to be plagued by the standard symptoms of PTSD for years.  Despite knowing what was going on with me--my background as treatment provider made it impossible to not know--I didn't begin any kind of treatment until my early 30s.  I went to therapist after therapist looking for someone who would 'fit' me, 'get' me.   There was the therapist that used our sessions for her own therapy, the one who never looked at me, the one who couldn't understand me, and on and on.  I finally gave ... Read More
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