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Ingrid Oliphant
Seeing Self through the Lens of Fear
And what might happen if we tried something new I have one of those friends I've never met.  His name is Harry.  I love Harry because he can see me, because he shares his wisdom w/ a dash of humor that is sometimes peppery.  He makes me laugh *just* when I need it. His response to this post On Being All Grow'd up and Afraid of the dark was 'self-compassion'.  He's absolutely right. But we have this thing, this stupid human trick, that we've relied upon for a long, long time. We have learned how to ... Read More
Jessica Sunshine Klein
Gunas of Prakriti
Sunday 10/16/11 Meditation based upon Patanjali's Yoga Sutras Saraswati Andrea Lee and Chitra Jessica Sunshine Starseed Yoga and Wellness of Montclair, NJ Sponsered by The Yoga Life Society OM Namah Sivaya call/response opening chant led by Saraswati-ji. "The essence of a kitten and a tiger is the same." - Master Sivananda Consciousness Everything is infinite consciousness:  unconscious, subconscious, conscious, and superconscious = infinite consciousness.  It is this spiritu... Read More
David Schouela
"Neurons That Wire Together, Fire Together"
Increasingly we are hearing in the popular press the axiom "neurons that fire together, wire together". In 1949 Canadian behavioral psychologist Donald Hebb proposed that learning linked neurons in new ways. He proposed that when two neurons fire at the same time repeatedly (or when one fires, causing the other to fire) chemical changes occur in both, so that the two tend to connect more strongly. Hebb's concept was neatly summarizerd by neuro-scientist Carla Shatz: Neurons that fire together, wire together." (from Norman Doidge's book " The Brain that Changes Itself ") ... Read More
Lucie Monroe
The Other Side of Life Interview - Introduction to EFT (and a word phobia)
Art Shaw, the generous and vibrant mind behind the Other Side of Life blog and radio show is not only fully dedicated to spreading the word about spirituality and healing, he's also a brilliant interviewer. Check him out - as well as myself - in this introduction to EFT (with a short word on phobias)... Listen to internet radio with othersideoflife on Blog Talk Radio Read More
Amber Marie
Prevention is Free, Dis-Ease is Costly ~ Free Will
What if people were given the only oxygen they would ever need in a canister and made to protect it in order to breathe?  They would likely find a way to take great care so as not to suffocate.  Ironically, people rarely think of their bodies in that regard. The body must be maintained and protected from harm in every way in order to survive.  Many people tend to accumulate bumps and bruises, emotional and physical pains, stress and scar tissue from simply living their lives, and think nothing of it becomes it seems inevitable.  Regarding the body as a ... Read More
Joanna Chodorowska
Facing your fears
This past week I was in training for The Path To Heal which is wonderful energy healing modality.  It helps to identify the root causes of our fears and helps to energetically clear them so that we can create the life we want without the struggles we perceive as humanly necessary. I had an epiphany of how to relate to those fears and how to move from fear to faith. Fear is like a weighted bowling ball .  it can weigh sometimes 300 pounds, while other times is it only 30 or only 3 pounds.  But these weights slow us down ... Read More
Elana Davidson
The virtue of intolerance
The Virtue of Intolerance Tolerance is something that people usually tout as a virtue, as a quality worth developing. In many ways tolerance can be a virtue. I'm also discovering how it can be a hindrance to forward movement, an obstacle to being in full alignment with our beings and having what we want from life. I've done a lot of tolerating in my life- tolerating which has kept me from clearly knowing and owning what I want, clearly hearing my YES and my NO and going for that which fully supports my (well)being As such, t... Read More
Dr Gary Danko
Self Esteem & The Life Leadership Paragon
Quantum Life Repair The “Life Leadership Paragon” focuses on three key areas of your life which lead to self completeness. These include self esteem, self responsibility, and respect for free will. Just think about that for a minute… What if there were just THREE areas of your life that you needed to focus on to be successful, and to achieve self completeness? Can you imagine what it would be like to have NOTHING weighing you down? To have complete control and confidence over every part of your life? This content is restrict... Read More
Avinoam Lerner
Is Hypnosis for Cancer the New Anti-Cancer?
Can a non medical therapy like Immersive Healing and Hypnosis for Cancer benefit cancer patients? see this short video. Immersive-Healing, which utilizes hypnosis for cancer as it's therapeutic vehicle, is an advanced mind-body model designed to resolve, cleanse and heal harmful mental patterns and psychological factor which may suppress the body’s natural defense system i.e. the immune system and leave the body vulnerable to cancer. If you or someone you know benefited from a non medical immunotherapeutic therapy, please share? Read More
Avinoam Lerner
The Most Effective Way to Relief Toxic Emotions
One of my clients asked me a question the other day, a question regarding emotions which intrigued me because I didn't have the answer. He asked if I could name all of the negative emotions we as human’s experience, and the truth is that I couldn’t. As it turns out there are eleven negative emotions and they are hurt, sadness, shame, hopelessness, fear, anger, hate, jealousy, pride, greed, and guilt. Identifying these emotions was a fascinating process for me because it is not often that I get to dissect language in this particular way. Furthermore, some of ... Read More
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