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Raymond Johnson
The Autumn Doyo
In Five Element theory, each element is given a season: Winter is Water, Spring is Wood, Summer is Fire, Autumn is Metal, and Earth is Doyo. What is doyo exactly? It’s the “change of season”. Instead of the Earth element getting 12 weeks in a row, there are 4 doyo periods a year – 2-3 weeks around the equinox or solstices as the seasons shift. Earth is most frequently associated with the Doyo from Summer to Fall, particularly the sunny warm days that come back after the first cold snap, those autumn heat waves. In the 5 Element creation cycle ... Read More
David Schouela
The Effect of Yoga on Veteran's Stress
Two prominent institutions are currently undertaking scientific studies to measure the effectiveness of yoga on alleviating post traumatic stress disorder in war veterans. The Kripalu Institute for Extraordinary Living in collaboration with Harvard Medical School faculty and research assistants have developed a comprehensive yoga program specifically designed to relieve symptoms of trauma. There are pre-, mid-, post-, and long-term follow-up treatment measures that include questionnaires and interviews that measure PTSD symptoms, subjective well-being, a... Read More
Amelie St-Pierre
Radical Forgiveness - Book Review
Radical Forgiveness - Book Review If you've been wondering why it seems the same situation keeps happening to you in different forms or if you carry any sort of anger or resentment towards someone this book is for you. This book changed my life and I'm not exaggerating. After I read Radical forgiveness my life changed dramatically. A cold I was having with my neighbour for no apparent reason suddenly ceased. I stopped attracting the same kind of guys in my life that were only creating drama and frustration. My self-esteem and confidence increase... Read More
Anne Baker
Is buying organic worth the cost? Tips to save $ on Organics
With the cost of just about everything increasing, you may be wondering if the benefits of buying organic out weigh the cost of buying conventionally grown/raised food. I think the value question needs to be re-framed. Lets consider the return you get on your investment when you eat organic foods in terms health care costs vs. what you actually pay for conventionally grown/raised food. Food called "conventional" is grown and processed with chemical fertilizers, antibiotics, hormones, toxic pesticid... Read More
Pamir Kiciman, BA, RM, CHt.
Stress: Distress or Eustress? Plus a video
All we hear about is stress. Perhaps rightly so since it's pervasive. Precisely because it is may be the best reason to learn about its opposite. Yes, it exists. It's 'stress' with the Greek eu as a prefix. This makes it eustress (pronounced YOU-stress). The 'eu' means well or good, so eustress is 'good' stress. You may be thinking, "I don't want anything to do with any kind of stress!" That's understandable until you find out more about 'positive' stress. Bad stress leads to dis tress which causes ill health and loss of productivity. ... Read More
Pamir Kiciman, BA, RM, CHt.
Qualities of the Light
I have been fortunate through the years to train some great people at my Reiki dojo . This was evident again the other day, when the discussion was the subject of the previous post, The Mystery of Cosmic Light . As part of the presentation, I had prepared a list of qualities that reflect the light. Let me first cover those, in no particular order. Warm Pure Liberating ... Read More
Pamir Kiciman, BA, RM, CHt.
Teachings from the Natural world
If you are new here or haven’t subscribed yet, please subscribe via email . You can also friend me on Twitter . Recently I reviewed an excellent book on Shintoism on this blog. This is a nature-derived teaching and practice. There's also quite a bit of environmental and ecological content here. For the first time I also shared a channeled message two postings ago: The Error of Ways for all of humanity. There it explains that I've been a conscious channel for fifteen yea... Read More
Elana Davidson
You can't make me...
You can't make me... I spend a fair amount of time with children. Actually, being with and relating to children is one of those special gifts I have.  It started when I was just a kid and I guess I just never stopped playing,  being with and relating to children. Through my experience I've developed a unique perspective that's part of what I'm here to share with the world. One theme that has been arising recently is the theme of making someone do something. Sometimes the kids say to me... "Make her give that to me ... Read More
Marilyn D'Andrea
Exercise Can Decrease Your Appetite
In addition to your workouts at Sana Vita , it is important to get some cardio in. Walking is a great workout but it's important to add the following information to your cardio routine. Strenuous exercise seems to dull the urge to eat afterward better than gentler workouts. This is why the Jumpboard class can be so effective. Short, intense workouts, usually in the form of intervals that intersperse bursts of hard effort with a short recovery time, have become wildly popular lately, whether the sessions last for four minutes... Read More
Pamir Kiciman, BA, RM, CHt.
Rumi, Poet of the Heart
As promised, more poetry. First some Rumi. It's so very difficult to select which of his delicious verses to quote. As a true mystic, ecstatic verses poured out of him like a great, surging river. His work is prodigious, and it may surprise you to know he's America's best-selling poet, this realized soul who was born in the 13th century! To help you know him there's one video embedded here, an excerpt from the PBS film on his life and work (email/rss readers need to click back to the original post to view video), and ... Read More
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