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Jessica Sunshine Klein
What does OM mean?
6.19.11  OM~~~ Starseed Yoga and Wellness of Montclair, NJ What does OM mean?  It is a representation of everything!  In Sanskrit, AUM=OM, the letters A+U=O.  It is our connection to the Divine.  In my tradition, each class begins with an opening chant, which is or begins with OM.  Right off the bat, whether we know it or not, the mantra is effecting us on a very deep spiritual level.  Yoga means to join, yoke, unify.  Chanting the mantra OM envokes the connection of the individual consciousness to the Supreme Consciousness.  "A" is the first sound ... Read More
Shawn Cohen
Where Does The Time Go? A Metaphysical Blog, by Shawn M. Cohen
Time by Alan Parsons Project from the Album, "Turn of a Friendly Card" 1980. I have not written on my blog for months, in fact since December last year, 2012. I started with great enthusiasm which is so true to my Aries nature and then I got distracted with other things. So typical of my sign!  But I awoke this morning, a rainy, bleak, cold London morning at the end of May(!) with this song "Time" in my head. I could not even remember who wrote it all those years ago but I knew the song...the words were circ... Read More
Stacy Hill
Tis the time for Mabon, the Autumn Equinox.  Day and night are equal..harvest time..well second harvest!  Time to reflect on the past year and to give thanks.  What are you thankful for?  What are you harvesting? What seeds are you gathering to plant next year? This is a time for balance.  We have food to eat, but the crops are dying.  The weather is moderate, hot behind us and cold before us.  Our mind set here is very important.  As we go into the cold hibernating part of the year, what will your attention be on?  It is ... Read More
Pamir Kiciman, BA, RM, CHt.
Carnival of Healing Blogs
This is a reminder that Reiki Help Blog will be hosting the 177th Carnival of Healing to be published on February 21, 2009. The upcoming schedule is: #174 - Jan 31 2009: hosted by Nina Dixon, On the Path #175 - Feb 07 2009: hosted by Joe Lasiter, Massage 101 #176 - Feb 14 2009: hosted by Clara Myers, Mind Mart #177 - Feb 21 2009: hosted by Pamir Kiciman, Reiki Help Blog #178 - Feb 28 2009: hosted by ... Read More
Raymond Johnson
The Autumn Doyo
In Five Element theory, each element is given a season: Winter is Water, Spring is Wood, Summer is Fire, Autumn is Metal, and Earth is Doyo. What is doyo exactly? It’s the “change of season”. Instead of the Earth element getting 12 weeks in a row, there are 4 doyo periods a year – 2-3 weeks around the equinox or solstices as the seasons shift. Earth is most frequently associated with the Doyo from Summer to Fall, particularly the sunny warm days that come back after the first cold snap, those autumn heat waves. In the 5 Element creation cycle ... Read More
Kamela Dolinova
How can you keep those resolutions going?
Happy New Year! For many, coming out of the dark time of the Winter Solstice and into the New Year is a time of renewal. After the excesses of the holidays, we look back at the year behind us and make promises to ourselves. This year, we say, we’ll be better. Stronger, fitter, thinner, richer. We’ll pay attention to our loved ones more, we’ll meditate every day. And often, it isn’t too long before those resolutions fall by the wayside, and we’re back to our old habits. Synergists believe that our habits are a result ... Read More
Manish Yogi
500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Program in India
“Yoga the essence of life foundation” has designed the 5 00 hours teacher training course in accordance with the Yoga Alliance International in the beautiful valley of KasarDevi Almora, India. The course has been specially designed to understand and experience Yoga in its full form under the tutelage of Yogi Manish , ... Read More
Ingrid Oliphant
Visions of Fiction and Mirrors of Reality
It's been a looooooong time since I've dived into some really yummy fiction!  I've had the opportunity to do so the past couple of days and I'm officially in love!  Michael Cunningham, who I've not read before has written The Snow Queen.  I'm going to string together some of what he wrote to describe some of how I live: "There it was. A pale aqua light, translucent, a swatch of veil, star-high, no lower than the starts, but high, higher than a spaceship hovering above the treetops.  It may or may not have been ... Read More
Anne Baker
Dont be duped by our Vaccination Nation
Each fall its the same and the media mantra begins.... . We are urged to get our flu shots. The vaccine manufactures have done a great job of brainwashing the media and most allopathic health providers into believing that vaccines provide protection against a variety of strains of flu. Health reporters (aka: the media) and doctors tell us that getting vaccinated not only protects us from getting the flu but if we do happen to get the flu our symptoms will be much milder. Indeed... Read More
Sharon Leake
"All of the Rules"
Just another day on the spectrum... "I wish someone would just tell me all of the rules!" I have heard my son say this countless times. As a child with autism, understanding social rules and norms can be quite difficult for him. It's impossible to give him "all of the rules" , as that is something that can differ greatly depending on the situation or environment. People normally develop a sense of the unwritten social norms within their unique society and culture. These rules are not specifically taught, but we' re expected to know them. For someone with ... Read More
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