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Jessica Sunshine Klein
Vegetarian Recipes
Vegetarian Recipes from the 2010 Meditation Teacher Trainees of The Yoga Life Society. Yoga Meal Prayer OM, Anna Poorne Sadhaa Poorne Shankara Praana Vallabe Jnaana Vairaagya Siddhyartham Bikshaam Dhehee Cha Paarvathee Mathaa Cha Paarvathee Devee Pithaa Devo Maheshwarahaa Baandhawaa Siva Bhakthaahaa Swadesho Bhuvana Thrayamm Hari OM Tat Sat Brahmaarpanamasthu Lokaah Samastaah Sukhino Bhavantu OM, Beloved Mother Nature, Your are he... Read More
Stacy Hill
Summer Solstice
This year has really started out being one of tremendous energy and normally what follows this kind of energy is change.  Yes there is a lot of change going on in people's lives right now.  Jobs, relationships, homes even our ways of thinking seem to completely changing.  As we are approaching the Summer Solstice, we are reminded yet again of change.  Now a days, this is known as the first day of summer.  For our ancestors this was known as a first harvest.  This is the time that Mother Earth Gaia is at her ripeness!  Her fruits are big ... Read More
David Schouela
Clarifying intentions and goals
Recently I have been spending a few moments setting an intention before beginning my daily practice. These are the qualities of the heart that I would like to manifest in my life. Part of setting an intention means listening carefully to what the deepest part of me wants - to the still silent whisper of my heart. The intention may be to be kind to myself or to open to whatever arises or simply to be more present to the flow of body sensations as they rise and fall from moment to moment. It is important to distinguish the difference between ... Read More
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