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Ingrid Oliphant
Spiritual Naivety?
There are those who think of me as 'merely' naive when it comes to things of spirit.  Here, I ask they consider their own limitation of expression that appears bound by others' ideas & ideals. The string of logic posed by quite a few is that I've not studied spiritualism, metaphysics, any aspect of any religion, and not living/speaking/healing/BE-ing within the bounds of someone else's playbook.   I've not sought out sages or saddhus, not read from mystics and mages, not worshiped at or made an altar,  I've not done enough things or read ... Read More
Rev. Maritday Rodriguez CH HC
YouTube - The Truth About Vaccines
YouTube - The Truth About Vaccines Read More
Elana Davidson
Lessons From Depression: One: What if it's not even yours?
Lessons from Depression I’m no stranger to depression. It’s something that has been part of my reality, probably since I was about 11 when my beloved teacher of four years died of cancer and I was moving away from childhood into puberty. Dealing with hormonal changes and confronting the realities of life and death at 11 on my own were way too much for my 11-year-old self to handle. So I just kind of cut myself off from it all. I remember being maybe just twelve and listening to adults talk over my head about some person who ... Read More
Elana Davidson
Exploring Violence and Nonviolence in Communication
What does Nonviolence mean to you? We opened our first class of Communication From the Inside Out with this question. As we delved into the exploration of Violence and Nonviolence we discovered that violence and the roots of violence is far more complex and complicated than we ever would have imagined. Recognizing violence in all of it's forms Most people think of violence as physical harm, brutality and the like, in which most of us don't actively participate, so when someone hears of ... Read More
Esme Carino
Follow Your Happiness
SHIELD YOURSELF Too many of us walk into the world unguarded and we pick up the surrounding prevailing thought patterns that are not our own.  There is always a choice in perpetuating a thought or giving it away.  Maybe you started the day feeling upbeat but by the time you are done with your morning commute, a cloud has settled in.  You may ask for a shield from me of violet light that only allows pure love to penetrate.  You may place this protection around your property and your loved ones.  You may ask that this protection be in place ... Read More
Elana Davidson
Can We Meet Again For the First Time?
Can We Meet Again for the First Time? What would it take to receive each new being freshly? To live on that edge of expectancy and discovery of finding out who you and they are? What would it take to meet each person in your life again for the first time? Can you receive them with that much freshness? Can you let go of everything you've ever known or created about them to discover who they are and how they show up today? What more becomes possible when you can receive them fully in this present moment? We think ... Read More
Joanna Chodorowska
Yes, I do eat meat
I somehow give people the impression that because I am eating healthy, I must be a vegetarian. I am hosting a potluck next week, and have already gotten many calls asking if I were vegetarian. One email I got wrote: "I am trying to think what to bring. and normally I bring a meat dish... It seemed to me you were very vegetarian." Yesterday I was asked to my boyfriend's neighbor's for dinner, and same thing.  Both the husband and wife at different times asked: "You eat healthy.  Are you vegetarian?"  My answer is always "I am a ... Read More
Manish Yogi
In yoga, we work on our prana energy which is in the form of our breath inhalation and exhalation. By stopping the breath,it freezes the mind for that moment, in that very moment we are not able to think, we are not able to plan, we are neither in future nor in the past, for the moment we are absolute in the present and that very instant we enter into yoga. The whole effort of yoga is to stop the breath (or to freeze the breath that is also called khumbhaka).Initially, we have to work hard  to control ... Read More
Pamir Kiciman, BA, RM, CHt.
Unleash the Future
A video series with journalist and storyteller Miriam Horn who shares the story of some of the leading innovators and entrepreneurs on the cutting edge of the clean energy vanguard. Horn—co-author with Fred Krupp of Earth: The Sequel—explores how inventors are changing the way we think about energy—from wave, to geothermal, from biofuels to solar. These clean energy technologies can cure our addiction to oil, stop the devastating effects of global warming, and bolster our economy—but only if America puts a cap on carbon pollution to unleash this future. Solar: ... Read More
Anne Baker
Are you getting enough Sleep?
Perhaps you've noticed more people are yawning these days? That's because we are a nation of sleep deprived people. According to the National Institutes of Health, between 50 and 70 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep disorders or occasional sleep problems. I'd say this qualifies as a health condition of epic proportions! Sleep deprivation is no joke. In fact lack of sleep and chronic sleep deprivation have very serious impacts on health. Research rele... Read More
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