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Andrea Moss Autry
Reiki through therapeutic touch- It’s not magic, but the experience is magical
So what is this Reiki stuff people keep talking about? Read More
Brynn Bishop
How Does One Overcome Sexual Trauma to Enjoy a Happy, Fulfilling Sex Life?
Trauma is held in the cellular memory of the body. It can be the result of an accident, surgery or an emotional or physical violation of our boundaries. In order to heal, more is required than merely reaching an intellectual understanding of what happened. It is necessary for the nervous system to release the fight or flight mechanism which got frozen and is re-experiencing the threat over and over again. This can be done gently and effectively through a combination of guided mindful awareness and energy work. Emotion is energy. Energy moves in waves.... Read More
Jessica Sunshine Klein
Walking Sticks
11-6-11 Walking Sticks and Scented Soap Starseed Yoga and Wellness of Montclair, NJ "The techniques are like nicely scented soaps.  Hatha Yoga, meditation, mantra repetition, pranayama, headstand, fasting - all are soaps.  Use them to wash away the old dirt.  Once you have washed away the old habits, you won't need the soap.  When the road is no longer slippery, will you need a walking stick?" - Sri Swami Satchidananda To Know Your Self , ch 26 walking sticks, p. 158 The goal of Yoga is to experience unshakabl... Read More
Anne Baker
Muscle wasting in the elderly and other at risk populations
Many of our elderly parents and relatives struggle with weakening muscle strength and sarcopenia (muscle wasting). This is also of great concern for patients with forms of cancer or other autoimmune diseases. A new study suggests that the RDA for daily protein intake should actually be greater than that for younger populations. This is because "Aging muscle is less sensitive to lower doses of amino acids than the young and may require higher quantities of protein to acutely stimulate equivalent muscle protein synthesis above rest and accrue muscle proteins." This study also r... Read More
Joy Clarkson
Healer Heal Thyself
June 11 6pm-8pm Joy's House Some time for healers and light workers of all sorts to get together, connect, share wisdom, share and receive gifts and support. It's important to remember to take time to receive healing and connect with people who may be doing something similar in the world. Open to body workers, intuitives, coaches, psychics, counselors, mediums, energy workers/healers, teachers, facilitators etc...etc... Please bring either a $5 donation or some food to share. Read More
Ingrid Oliphant
UnCommon Touch
It's not New Age; it's of the Ages. It's real, not woo-woo. It doesn't require belief or faith (although I'm sure it helps to not prefer a root canal). It doesn't interfere with belief or faith. Its only magic is in its simplicity. I breathe, you heal. You change. You shift. You de-stress. You find peace. In fact, *I* don't do much of anything. This is my Gift. For you. For everyone. Young. Old. Child-like adults. Every shade of pink, brown, yellow. Man. Woman. Christian, non. Conseriberal. Libertive. (Yes, I did that on ... Read More
Joy Clarkson
Ecstatic Dance Providence with Group Sound Healing
LAST DANCE of the SEASON! SPECIAL GUEST: Sound Healing with Joy Clarkson! starts at 8pm Opening Circle 9pm Dancing until 10:30 or 11:00 Music: Resident dj Tar~Ma bringing her worldly electronic and divinely symbiotic beats...yum! Ecstatic Dance is a place to dance freely without the constraints of a club environment, shoes, alcohol and noisy people. Come dance to blissful world beats and groovin' bass! No shoes, no booze.... just come to move. Align your mind with your body as you dance however YOU wish in a beautiful contain... Read More
Elana Davidson
Compliments that Connect
Compliments that Connect How able are you to accept a compliment? We all know we “SHOULD” accept compliments when we receive them, but here’s the funny thing about compliments- they often come in the form of judgment: “You’re so pretty” “You’re so smart” “You’re such a calm person” “You’re so kind and considerate” Have you ever noticed that you might feel slightly uneasy with these compliments even though you “should” be able to take a compliment? The thing wi... Read More
Lucie Monroe
The Case for the Glass of Water
I remember the first time I got in contact with an EFT website that was re-inventing the wheel by giving their own version of the EFT tapping sequence with a twist: drinking a full glass of water was recommended before starting the process in order to, allegedly, allow energies to flow better. That made me slightly uncomfortable. I began to suspect that there was a hint of dishonesty behind. Even though virtually all EFT websites pay due respects to the founder of EFT, Gary Craig, some barely acknowledge that the tapping algorithm is his creation and present their own version ... Read More
Dr Gary Danko
What is the Difference Between Meditation & Hypnotherapy?
Meditation -vs- Hypnotherapy Many people from all walks of life either meditate, or try hypnotherapy as a means of improving areas of their lives, however, very few of them truly understand either or these modalities, or the state they are striving for. Having an understanding of this process, and of the process of Hypnotherapy, can profoundly affect your ability to get the results you seek. I’ve often run into clients who have tried meditation (especially guided meditation) who’ve had limited results, or even no results. This conten... Read More
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